Action Group Teams

Dr. Jess Dixon (Chair), Dean, Faculty of Human Kinetics 
Daniella Beaulieu, Executive Director, Academic Initiatives (Academic Planning)
Lorraine Grondin, (Acting) Registrar (Academic Planning)
Jennie Atkins, Executive Director, Continuing Education (Campus Spaces)
Sherri Lynne Menard, Environmental Health & Safety Manager (Health & Safety)
Marcela Ciampa, Director, Organizational Development & Training (Human Resources)
Renée Trombley, Executive Director, Public Affairs & Communications (Communications)
Phebe Lam, Acting Associate Vice President, Student Experience (Student Experience)
Kaye Johnson, Executive Director, Human Rights, Equity & Accessibility (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)
Anna Kirby, Associate Vice President, Operations (Finance & Operations)
Heather Pratt, Executive Director, Research & Innovation Services (Research & Innovation)
Dr. Debbie Sheppard-Lemoine, Dean, Faculty of Nursing (Decanal Liaison)
Dr. Anna Lanoszka, Faculty, Department of Political Science (Faculty Association Liaison)
Student Representative

Implementation Teams
Campus Spaces Team (Jennie Atkins, Chair)
Communications Team (Renée Trombley, Chair)
Ancillary and Campus Services Team (Anna Kirby, Chair)
Safe Return Planning & Support Team (Lisa Kiritsis, Chair)

Employee Experience (Marcela Ciampa, Chair)
Research & Innovation (Heather Pratt, Chair)
Pandemic Planning (Sherri Lynne Menard)
Joint Health and Safety Committees (Laurie Freeman, James McGinlay, Trevor Pittman, and Lisa Kiritsis, Co-Chairs)

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