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Attestation and Providing Proof

All members of the UWindsor campus community are required to fill out the vaccination attestation form. This applies to all those who are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated (one dose) or unvaccinated.

Partially vaccinated individuals will be required to submit the form after each vaccination to ensure all vaccine records are captured accurately.

To attest to your vaccination status and upload your proof of vaccination (if applicable), visit You will need your vaccination certificates and your UWinID and password.

You can obtain a copy of your vaccination certificate through the Ontario COVID-19 Vaccination website, or, if you received your COVID-19 vaccine elsewhere in Canada, through the Health Canada website.

Completion of the vaccination attestation form and proof of vaccination is required if you also plan on coming to campus. You will receive a confirmation code after completing your vaccination attestation to enter into your daily COVID-19 Self-Assessment in the Safe Lancer App if coming to campus.

Alternatively, visitors to campus can attend the Education Gym (next to CAW Student Centre) to have their vaccination records validated in person. Visitors who do not have the technology to complete the vaccine attestation survey or those who do not wish to upload their vaccination records may proceed to the Education Gym, Monday to Friday (walk-in, 8 a.m. - 11 a.m., and by appointment from 1 p.m. to 4.m. by calling ext. 4549 or 4548) to have their proof of ID and vaccination records validated.  Health & Safety staff will review their records and provide them with a UWindsor Vaccination Attestation Card. This card can be presented to any student ambassador in place of the proof of vaccination code to be granted access into the buildings. Once the card is obtained, it can be used for subsequent visits however the paper copy of the screening questions will need to be completed every visit. PLEASE NOTE: If attending an event as a spectator (i.e. Lancers sporting events), you will be required to show proof of vaccination at the gate, as well as government-issued photo ID, per provincial requirements in addition to the Safe Lancer screening questions.

Completed the attestation but can't find your code? Visit Attestation status and code information is presented as part of your user account information.

Attestation FAQ
1. What is an attestation?
An attestation is a statement of proof or declaration of status. For this purpose, you’ll complete a simple form at to declare your status.
2. What will I be asked?
The questions are as follows:
  • What is your primary association with the University of Windsor?
  • How frequently will you visit the university campus during the Fall semester?
  • Have you been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)?
  • How many doses of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) vaccine have you received?
  • Dose details (date, type, 1st or 2nd dose, lot number)
3. What will I receive upon completion of my attestation?
You will receive a confirmation code. The code will also be emailed to you in a Response Summary PDF. The code is required to complete the daily self-assessment questionnaire. Upon completion of the questionnaire through the Safe Lancer App, depending on vaccination (or exemption) status, you may be granted a green (approved) QR code badge which is required to access campus.
4. What do I need to complete the attestation form?
You will need your UWinID and password to complete your attestation.
If you are providing proof of vaccination, you will need your vaccination certificates. You can obtain a copy of your vaccination certificate(s) through the Ontario COVID-19 Vaccination website, or, if you received your COVID-19 vaccine elsewhere in Canada, through the Health Canada website.
5. Why is attestation necessary?
The University is required to provide statistical (non-identifiable) information regarding vaccination status to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.
6. How will the privacy of my vaccine attestation/proof be protected?
Information collected in the Safe Lancer App will only be reported in aggregate form. Managers, supervisors, and course instructors are not permitted to view your declaration, nor to ask your vaccination status. Data on your vaccination status will be held for a two-year retention period.
Proof of your vaccination records will be captured in the University’s Qualtrics system. However, only individuals in the Health and Safety department and ITS will have access to the system.
The University reports this aggregate data weekly to the Chief Medical Officer of Health and the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.
Vaccine records are stored by the Health & Safety Office (Human Resources Department) and the data is only accessed by authorized users. Records are only being used to verify vaccination status.
Consequences of Non-Compliance
The University reserves the right to take action with respect to any individual who breaches the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, including any individual who submits false information to the University under the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, or otherwise fails to comply with the University’s vaccination requirements, including attestation.
Faculty and staff who have not completed the vaccination attestation requirement or are otherwise not adhering to the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy will be deemed to have made themselves unavailable for work,  will not be permitted to access campus, and may be placed on an unpaid leave of absence.  
Students who have not completed the vaccination attestation requirement or are otherwise not adhering to the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy will not be permitted to access campus and will not be able to enroll in any face-to-face classes or labs for Winter 2022.
Students will need to contact their program coordinator for any concerns this may cause.