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Reporting an Illness - Faculty & Staff

Protecting yourself and your co-workers

To ensure the health and safety of yourself and members of the UWindsor community, employees are required to follow health and safety protocols, including reporting illness and not attending campus when feeling sick.

Visit the Guidance for COVID-19 Positive, Presumed Positive or Close Contacts page for more information.

Illness should be reported to

The following documents outline the protocols and responsibilities for employee groups:

COVID-19: Supervisor’s Guide to Reporting Employee Illness, Infection and Testing and Employee Privacy

COVID-19: Employee Guide to Reporting Illness, Infection and Testing and Employee Privacy

As with other employee illnesses and health information, reasonable measures must be taken to protect the identity of an employee with respect to COVID-19. No names or identifying details should be given when information is communicated to other individuals and/or departments. The University will take appropriate actions to mitigate any possible risks in the workplace.

Visit this page for information regarding student illness reporting.