Guidance for COVID-19 Positive, Presumed Positive or Close Contacts

The University of Windsor's isolation requirements align with direction from the Province of Ontario and Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU).

COVID-19 presents itself through a variety of symptoms typically associated with a cold or flu. Please review the following information.

Employee illness and/or absence must be reported to supervisors regardless of whether you attend campus or not.


1. Have you tested positive for COVID-19 (PCR or rapid antigen test) or, are currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or (flu-like symptoms) not related to seasonal allergies or other known causes or conditions? 

Review the COVID-19 Restrictions information page at the Windsr-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) website for guidance.

If YES, do not attend campus. Email to receive further instructions.

If NO, proceed to question #2.

2. Have have you been identified as a “close contact” of a COVID-19 positive or presumed positive individual?

Close contact is defined as:

  • Having been less than two metres apart for at least a cumulative duration of 15 minutes in a 24-hour period with a COVID-19 positive or presumed positive individual, within 48-hours (2 days) before their symptoms began, or, if no symptoms, the date of their positive test; or:
  • Living in the same home.

Please note: this definition does not apply to individuals who wear prescribed Personal Protective Equipment.

If you've been exposed to someone with symptoms of COVID-19 or a positive test result you must:

  • self-monitor for symptoms for 10 days after your last exposure.

You are NOT required to self-isolate and may continue to attend campus following your close contact with a positive/presumed case of COVID-19 provided:

  • You are asymptomatic;
  • You have not been provided with additional isolation requirements from public health our your healthcare provider;
  • You can maintain public health measures: Wear a well-fitted mask in public (including schools and child care, unless under 2 years of age), physical distance and maintain other public health measures for 10 days following your last exposure if leaving home. You should NOT visit or attend work in any highest risk settings and not visit individuals who may be at higher risk of illness (i.e. seniors or immunocompromised) for 10 days after your last exposure.

*Please note for student placements, your return date may be different. Please contact your placement coordinator for further details.

Should your situation change (e.g., symptom onset, positive test result, or the close contact is no longer required to self-isolate), please provide an update to: and follow the directions that apply to your new situation.