Internships and Co-ops



Career Placement
in 6 Months

Co-op student

More than 85% of our Science graduates find career placements within six months of graduation. Through increased career-related opportunities, more and more of our students are work-ready!

Internships in Science provide opportunities for students to explore their interests in a particular science career, create a network of contacts, and gain academic credit. As an intern, students will work collaboratively with others and reflect upon their own experiences. Internships are typically one semester in length, may or may not be paid and may be taken as course credit (SCIE 3990). 

Co-op Education combines classroom-based learning with practical work experience. A cooperative education experience for academic credit prepares students for careers in Science by developing the work-ready skills and easing the school-to-work transition. Co-ops are typically for a period of 8 to 16 months and are paid positions under an agreement between the university and the employer.

Co-op in Computer Science
Co-op in Physics
Co-op in Chemistry and Biochemistry