P2GS Faculty FAQs

What is the time commitment required for this program?

The P2GS program will run from May 2 -27, 2022. Students will spend the mornings taking classes to build up their science skills and prepare for upper year science classes. The afternoons will be spent working on research projects. This is typically a combination of meetings with supervisors, direct supervision from supervisors, working collaboratively with other lab members and independent work. 

How will I get matched with a student?

In order to be matched with a student, you must submit a short profile which will be posted on the P2GS website. The students can review the profiles and rank their research and supervisor choices. The program coordinator(s) will then go through the student's selections and match them with a supervisor. 

What types of projects have P2GS students done in the past? 

P2GS students are typically in their first or second year, and it is very likely that they do not have prior experience in the discipline that the research project is in. Additionally, due to the short length of this program, students will often perform some analysis, learn new skills or techniques, carry out experiments or do some literature reviews. 

Where does the P2GS program get funding?

The P2GS program is funded by NSERC Promoscience and the University of Windsor. 

Can I recruit students into this program?

Yes. Researchers are invited to freely present the details of this program to any eligable students. If material is needed to provide to students, reach out to Chris Houser (Chris.Houser@uwindsor.ca) regarding this.

If you have any further questions, please email Chris Houser at Chris.Houser@uwindsor.ca.