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MSc Thesis Proposal Announcement of Sami Ali Hussain Ali Choudhry:"Recoloring of Images and Live Video using Colour Compensation for Color Vision Deficient Patients"

Friday, September 11, 2020 - 11:00 to 12:00



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MSc Thesis Proposal by: Sami Ali Hussain Ali Choudhry 

Date: Friday September 11th, 2020  
Time:  11:00 am – 12:00 pm 
Password: S2020


Live video recoloring and image simulation is used in many application areas. Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) is an important issue for a significant population across the globe. There are several types of CVD's based on the conditions of the patients, such as monochromacy, dichromacy, trichromacy, and anomalous trichromacy as parent disorders within which there exist specific other subtypes. The aim of this research is to device a scheme to address CVD by using variations in pixel plotting of colours to capture color transformations and perform compensation techniques. The proposed scheme aims to recolour the videos and the images by colour contrast variation of each colour for CVD patients, and depending on the type of deficiency, it aims to provide live results. Different types of CVD’s can be identified and cured by changing the particular colour related to it and based upon the type of diseases it performs RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) to LMS (Long, Medium, and Short) transformation. This helps in color identification and also in adjustments of colour contrasts. The affected patients who suffer from color vision deficiency, after processing and simulating of the different images and the videos will be able to see the perfect shade in the recoloured frames of the video or images and other modes of files. In this thesis, we propose an efficient algorithm with a strong focus on real-time applications and gives the output. 
Keywords: CVD (Colour Vision Deficiency), monochromacy, dichromacy, trichromacy, anomalous trichromacy 

Thesis Committee:  

Internal Reader:   Dr. Boubakeur Boufama                
External Reader:   Dr. Myron Hlynka   
Advisor:          Dr Imran Ahmad  

MSc Thesis Proposal Announcement 

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