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School of Computer Science GA/TA Posting for the Winter 2020 Term



The School of Computer Science is pleased to announce the GA/TA Posting for the Winter 2020 term

In accordance with Article 12:01 of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement the Department of Computer Science invites applications for Graduate Assistantship (GA) and Teaching Assistantship (TA) positions for the WINTER 2020 TERM.
Please note that all positions are open to GAs and TAs with GA applicants being given first priority.  Each GA position is expected to be for a total of 140 hours. A limited number of GA positions may be available for fewer hours.
The total number of hours in a TA appointment will depend on the applications received and is anticipated to be 75 - 100 hours per position. Each position can be comprised of a combination of any of the listed courses as needed. Note that Teaching Assistants can be employed for no more than 100 TA hours per semester total. If you already hold or have applied for another TA position (in this or another department) note that the total combined hours for all TA appointments held in all departments cannot exceed 100 hours for the Winter term period (Jan. 1st to April 30)

GA/TA Posting for the Winter 2020 term:


Eligibility requirements:

GA and TA appointments shall be offered in accordance with the criteria specified in Article 12:03 and 12:04, respectively, of the Collective Agreement. 

Essential Requirements / Skills for the School of Computer Science:

  •   Must have good communication skills.
  •   Interviews may be conducted.
  •   Must be available to physically attend meetings, lectures, labs, exams (including Final Exam) at specified times.

Additional Preferred Requirements / Skills for the School of Computer Science

Applicants must meet the required essential qualifications. Preferred qualifications will only be considered if there are 2 or more applicants who meet the required essential qualifications and who are relatively equal based on the criteria in 12:03 or 12:04
Preference will be given to applicants registered in the Computer Science program who have
  • Successfully completed the course with a 80% and with an overall GPA more than 80%
  • Blackboard Training completed
  • Completed of CTL GA/TA Academy workshop(s) 


All graduate students must be registered for the WINTER 2020 term at the time of hiring and must maintain fulltime registration throughout the term. International TA applicants must have full time registration and maintain fulltime registration throughout the term.  Domestic undergraduate students are eligible to hold a TA position while registered part time.  All students must be in good standing in the degree program in order to hold a Graduate or Teaching Assistantship.
Graduate students who meet the Phase 1 tuition refund deadline are not eligible to hold a GA position. A full graduate assistantship requires an average of 10 hours per week for a maximum of 140 hours per semester. Refer to Articles 12, 13, and 14 of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement for eligibility details.

Deadline for applications:

All applications must be received no later than Friday November 15, 2019.   Late applications will not be accepted.
Application hard copy forms are also available from the School of Computer Science Secretaries in Lambton Tower Room 5113 or 5114.


How to Apply:

Submit completed application with a recent unofficial transcript to: Computer Science Secretaries in Lambton Tower Room 5113 or 5114 or email to
If a copy of your unofficial transcript is not included when applying, your application will be considered incomplete.

Graduate Assistants are reminded of the following provision in Article 13:

"With respect to those students who have applied for and been accepted for Assistantships, the Assistant will not be paid for any shortfall of hours at the end of their respective program, provided the University has satisfied its obligation to post available positions each term in writing and on the AAU website and to offer the minimum terms of support in accordance with Article 13:01 (a) & (b) and provided that the Assistant has applied in writing or via e-mail by the application deadline for each term until they have received the minimum terms of support in accordance with Article 13:01 (a) & (b)."
Lambton Tower 5113, 401 Sunset Ave., Windsor ON, N8S 3C6, (519) 253-3000 Ext. 3716