Vector Institute in AI Scholarship open to incoming MSc in CS (AI stream) students for the Summer 2021, Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 terms

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Students in the School of Computer Science Msc in AI Specialization program at the University of Windsor become part of the Vector Institute’s community of renowned researchers, major Canadian companies, and AI startups solving high-impact problems. Students receive a premier education and open a portfolio of high-quality career options in a region dense with AI-related opportunities in industry, academia, and entrepreneurship. 

Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence 

Exceptional students (Summer 2021, Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 prospective students) may be eligible for the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence, which provides $17,500 towards an AI-related master’s degree at an Ontario university. Both domestic and international students with first-class standing (minimum of A- or equivalent [ie, minimum 80%]) in the last two years of study (full-time equivalent) from a recognized university. It is expected that the prospective student’s transcript will reflect preparedness for the proposed master’s study. Consideration will be given to candidates with upper second class standing (B+; ie, minimum 77%) and relevant work experience or where extenuating circumstances apply if rationale for consideration is included. 


To apply for this scholarship, you must:

Step 1: In order to be nominated, candidates must apply to the MSc in CS program  for either the Summer 2021, Fall 2021 or Winter 2022 terms. Note the deadlines for application to the MSc program: 

Application Deadlines for the Fall term:
February 1st (International applicants)
March 15th (Domestic applicants)
Application Deadlines for the Winter term:
July 15th (International applicants)
September 15th (Domestic applicants)
Step 2:If accepted to the MSc in CS program, an Internal application to the MSc in AI specialization (instructions below)
Discuss your interest in pursuing the MSc in AI specialization with your supervisor.
If supervisor agrees to support your thesis project in AI, complete the MSc in AI application form (supervisor signature required)
Submit the completed application form, transcript, and resume to
Step 3: Wait for acceptance into the MSc in AI specialization
You will receive an email confirming your acceptance to the MSc in AI specialization.
Step 4: Apply to the Vector Institute Scholarship (Instructions below) 
Internal Deadline is THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18TH AT 4:00PM

Master of Science Computer Science AI Stream – Scholarship Information 

Scholarship Eligibility & Nomination Process 

Students enrolled into the MSc-AI program are eligible to apply for the Vector Institute Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence. The Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence supports the recruitment of top students to AI-related master’s programs in Ontario. Valued at $17,500 for one year of full-time study at an Ontario university, these merit-based entrance awards recognize exceptional MSc-AI candidates pursuing a study path that is demonstrably AI-focused. 
To be eligible for consideration for the scholarship, prospective students must: 
Be accepted (or applying for entrance) into the MSc-AI program for the 2021-22 academic year. 
Scholarship applications must be submitted to the School of Computer Science ( by THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18TH, 2021 and include the following: 
  • Copies of all transcripts (if you are selected as a scholarship recipient, then official copies (in sealed envelope from institution or emailed directly from institution) of transcripts must be submitted to; 
  • Two references(template link below) (at least one of two references must be academic). Note that the referee forms are not the same forms submitted when you applied to our MSc-CS program. Referee forms for the Vector Institute Scholarship are in template link below.  Instruct your referees to email the pdf of the form directly to 
  • An up to date one to two-page CV 
  • A 250-word statement (template link below) outlining your reason for pursuing a master’s in AI, relevant AI-related experience, and career aspirations (You must complete this statement with Supervisor review/approval); and,
  • The Self-Identification Questionnaire (template link below) 
Templates for the required documents can be found at the following link:
If you receive a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence for 2021-22, you must be registered full-time at the University of Windsor School of Computer Science MSc in CS program. Scholarship funds will be provided directly to the University to disperse to you. Please note that the award is non-transferable to another University. 
Vector Institute Information Sessions:
Below are two upcoming webinars that prospective students can tune in to and learn more about the scholarship, as well as hear directly from current recipients:
January 26, 12 to 1 pm EST: Register here
February 2, 10 to 11 am EST: Register here
Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to  or to should you have any questions about the scholarship. Nomination packages are sent from the university to the Vector Institute no later than March 24, 2021. Learn more about the scholarship and eligibility requirements at

Networking & career events

The Vector Institutes’s exclusive events put you face-to-face with AI teams from major Canadian employers, providing unique access to career opportunities. Build relationships with a network of AI professionals that can become a spring of new opportunity, insight, and collaboration over your career.

Digital Talent Hub

Discover career  opportunities in the Vector Institute’s extensive industry network through the Digital Talent Hub, an exclusive online platform that curates AI-related job openings among top Canadian employers. Available only to the Vector community, the Digital Talent Hub is trusted by hiring managers and connects talent with a wealth of high-impact internship and full-time openings at leading companies.
The School of Computer Science MSc in AI program is recognized by the Vector Institute for training graduates with the AI skills and competencies highly sought by employers.