All positions and hours are subject to sufficient enrolment and budgetary approval.   
In accordance with Article 12:1 of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement the School of Computer Science invites applications for Graduate Assistantship (GA) and Teaching Assistantship (TA) positions for the WINTER 2022 term.   
It is anticipated that all WINTER 2022 courses will be on campus (excluding the Distance Education courses).  All GA/TA employees are expected to make themselves available, and are required to report for all assigned duties, both on-campus and online.  
All classes and labs will be on campus unless otherwise specified.  The University of Windsor health and safety protocols and public health and safety regulations that are in place will be observed for any face-to-face or on-campus duties required to support Winter term 2022 courses.  
Note: The on-campus requirement may be subject to change, pending any University of Windsor announcements. 
Some positions are open to both GAs and TAs; however, GA applicants are given priority.   
Each GA position is expected to be for a total of 140 hours. A limited number of GA positions may be available for fewer hours.   GA appointments cannot exceed 140 hours total for the WINTER 2022 term period January 1st to April 30th, 2022. Refer to Articles 12, 13, and 14 of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement for eligibility details.   
The total number of hours of a TA appointment will depend on the number of applications received and is anticipated to be 75-100 hours per position.  Note that Teaching Assistants can be employed for no more than 100 TA hours per semester total. If you already hold or have applied for another TA position (in this or another department) note that the total combined hours for all TA appointments held in all departments cannot exceed 100 hours for the Winter term period from January 1st to April 30th, 2022.  
Each position can be comprised of a combination of any of the listed courses as needed.  

PROJECTED POSITIONS AND HOURS – Class time is in EST (Canada/US) – Time Zone Converter 

COMP-1000-30 Key Concepts in Computer Science    
T 7:00pm-9:50pm 
5 GA/TA – 700 hours 
COMP-1047-91-A Computer Concepts for End Users   
Distance Education  
5 GA/TA – 700 hours
COMP-1047-91-B Computer Concepts for End Users   
Distance Education  
5 GA/TA – 700 hours 
COMP-1400-1   Intro to Algorithms & Programming: I   
MW 2:30pm – 3:50pm 
6 GA/TA – 840 hours 
COMP-1410-1 Intro to Algorithms & Programming: II   
MW 1:00pm – 2:20pm   
7 GA/TA – 980 hours 
COMP-1410-30 Intro to Algorithms & Programming: II   
TR 5:30pm – 6:50pm   
7 GA/TA – 980 hours 
COMP-2057-91 Introduction to the Internet   
Distance Education    
9 GA/TA – 1260 hours 
COMP-2067-91 Programming for Beginners   
Distance Education 
6 GA/TA – 840 hours 
COMP-2077-91 Problem Solving and Information on the Internet  
Distance Education  
1 GA/TA – 140 hours 
COMP-2097-91 Social Media & Mobile Tech. for End Users  
Distance Education   
5 GA/TA – 700 hours 
COMP-2120-1 Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA  
TR 4:00pm – 5:20pm 
4 GA/TA – 560 hours 
COMP-2140-1 Languages, Grammars and Translators  
TR 2:30pm-3:50pm 
8 GA/TA – 1120 hours 
COMP-2310-1 Theoretical Foundations: Computer Science 
MW 10:00am-11:20am 
3 GA/TA – 420 hours
COMP-2540-1 Data Structures & Algorithms   
MW 1:00pm – 2:20pm  
6 GA/TA – 840 hours 
COMP-2560-1 Systems Programming   
MW 11:30am – 12:50pm  
5.5 GA/TA – 770 hours 
COMP-2650-1 Computer Architecture I:  Digital Design   
TR 10:00am – 11:20am  
6.5 GA/TA – 910 hours 
COMP-2660-1 Comp Architecture II: Micro Programming 
MW 8:30am-9:50am 
7.5 GA/TA – 1050 hours 
COMP-2707-91 Advanced Website Design, Construction and Deployment  
Distance Education  
2 GA/TA – 280 hours 
COMP-2800-1 Software Development 
MW 2:30pm – 3:50pm 
4.5 GA/TA – 630 hours 
COMP-3057-91 Cyber Ethics  
Distance Education   
1.5 GA/TA – 210 hours 
COMP-3077-91 Web-Based Data Management  
Distance Education   
1.5 GA/TA – 210 hours 
COMP-3150-1 Database Management Systems 
TR 11:30am-12:50pm  
4 GA/TA – 560 hours
COMP-3220-1 Object-Oriented Software Analysis / Design   
TR 5:30pm – 6:50pm  
4 GA/TA – 560 hours  
COMP-3300-1 Operating Systems Fundamentals   
TR 8:30am – 9:50am  
6 GA/TA – 840 hours  
COMP-3340-95 World Wide Web Information Systems Development  
W 7:00pm – 9:50pm 
5 GA/TA – 560 hours 
COMP-3400-30 Advanced Object-Oriented System Design Using C++ 
T 7:00pm – 9:50pm 
4 GA – 700 hours 
COMP-3520-1 Introduction to Computer Graphics  
MW 4:00pm – 5:20pm 
1.5 GA – 210 hours 
COMP-3710-1 Artificial Intelligence Concepts  
MW 11:30am-12:50pm 
3.5 GA – 490 hours 
COMP- 4110-1 Software Verification and Testing 
MW 11:30am – 12:50pm 
1.5 GA – 210 hours 
COMP-4220-1 Agile Software Development 
R 7:00pm – 19:50pm 
3.5 GA – 490 hours 
COMP-4250-1 Big Data Analytics and Database Design 
MW 5:30pm – 6:50pm 
3.5 GA – 490 hours
COMP-4540-1 Design & Analysis of Computer Algorithms 
TR 1:00pm – 2:20pm 
3 GA – 420 hours
COMP-4680-1 Advanced Networking 
TR 10:00am – 11:20am 
0.5 GA – 70 hours
COMP-4740-1 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence II 
MW 1:00pm – 2:20pm 
0.5 GA – 70 hours
COMP-4770-1 Artificial Intelligence for Games 
TR 5:30pm – 6:50pm 
1.5 GA – 210 hours
COMP-4800-1 Selected Topics in Software Engineering 
TR 11:30am – 12:50pm 
1 GA – 140 hours
COMP-8117 Advanced Software Engineering  
Section 1: M 8:30am-11:20am 
Section 2: T 8:30am -11:20am 
Section 3: W 8:30am-11:20am 
Section 4: R 8:30am-11:20am 
4 GA – 560 hours 
COMP-8157 Advanced Database Topics  
Section 1: M 2:30pm – 5:20pm  
Section 2: T 2:30pm – 5:20pm  
Section 3: W 2:30pm – 5:20pm  
Section 4: R 2:30pm – 5:20pm  
Section 5: F 11:30am – 2:20pm  
4.5 GA – 630 hours 
COMP-8207-1 Emerging Paradigms in Computing Technology  
T 1:00pm-3:50pm  
1 GA – 140 hours 
COMP-8347 Internet Applications and Distributed Systems  
Section 1: W 11:30am-2:20pm  
Section 2: R 8:30am-11:20am 
Section 3: T 11:30am-2:20pm 
 1.5 GA – 210 hours 
COMP-8547 Advanced Computer Concepts  
Section 1: F 8:30am-11:20am 
Section 2: T 11:30am-2:20pm 
Section 3: M 11:30am-2:20pm 
Section 4: R 11:30am-2:20pm 
4 GA – 560 hours
COMP-8567 Advanced Systems Programming   
Section 1: M 2:30pm-5:20pm 
Section 2: T 2:30pm-5:20pm 
Section 3: W 2:30pm-5:20pm 
Section 4: R 2:30pm-5:20pm 
Section 5: F 8:30am-11:20am 
4.5 GA – 630 hours 
COMP-8677 Networking and Data Security  
Section 1: M 8:30am-11:20am 
Section 2: T 8:30am-11:20am 
Section 2: W 8:30am-11:20am 
3 GA – 420 hours 
COMP-8967-1 Project  
UWindsor Online 
F 8:30am-11:20am 
2 GA – 280 hours 

Eligibility requirements:   

GA and TA appointments shall be offered in accordance with the criteria specified in Article 12:03 and 12:04, of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement.   
The following are essential qualifications required for the appointments listed above:  
Successful completion of the course (80% minimum average) or demonstrated experience/knowledge in subject matter (which will be determined by interview).  
Must have a cumulative average of a minimum of 75%.  
Must have a minimum major average of 80%.  
Must have good communication skills.  
Blackboard/Teams experience: Must be familiar with Blackboard and MS Teams or be able to acquire knowledge through training.   
GA applicants must be registered in the Computer Science graduate program.  
Remote internet access requirements: Must have access to a computer with a reliable internet connection with video and audio capabilities.  

Preferred Requirements / Skills for the School of Computer Science:   

Preferred qualifications will only be considered if there are 2 or more applicants who meet the required essential qualifications and who are relatively equal based on the criteria as per articles 12:03 or 12:04 of the CUPE 4580 collective agreement  
Preference for TA positions will be given to applicants registered in a Computer Science program.   
Completion of CTL GA/TA Academy workshop (s) is an asset. 
Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) self-paced Blackboard Training completed: Specifically; Blackboard modules 1, 1a, 1b and 8 (Blackboard Collaborate Ultra).   

Note 1:    

Phase I information:  Graduate students must maintain fulltime registration throughout the term and must be in good standing in the degree program to hold a GA position. Students who meet the Phase I tuition refund deadline are therefore not eligible to hold a GA. 
Graduate Assistants must apply each term by the application deadline, in accordance with Article 13: "With respect to those students who have applied for and been accepted for Assistantships, the Assistant will not be paid for any shortfall of hours at the end of their respective program, provided the University has satisfied its obligation to post available positions each term in writing and on the AAU website and to offer the minimum terms of support in accordance with Article 13:01 (a) & (b) and provided that the Assistant has applied in writing or via e-mail by the application deadline for each term until they have received the minimum terms of support in accordance with Article 13:01 (a) & (b)."   
Undergraduate students must be registered throughout the term and must be in good standing in the degree program to hold a TA position.  
International undergraduate students must be registered fulltime and be in good standing to hold a TA position.    

Note 2:  

MAC information: The Master of Applied Computing Program (MAC) is not an eligible program to support GA funded positions. Consequently, applications from students registered in the MAC program will not be eligible for consideration.  
“In pursuit of the University of Windsor’s Employment Equity Plan, members from the designated groups (Women, Aboriginal Peoples, Visible Minorities, Persons with Disabilities, and Members of Sexual Minorities) are encouraged to apply.”  

Note 3: 

Please familiarize yourself with the most current University of Windsor Safe Return to Campus – COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. Applicants are required adhere to all campus safety requirements in effect. 


If you have any questions on any of the above, please contact the Graduate Secretary at