School of Computer Science Sessional Appointments For Winter 2023

The School of Computer Science intends to offer the following courses during Winter 2023, which might not be staffed by full-time faculty members as part of their normal teaching load.  In accordance with section 54-07 of the 2021-2025 Collective Agreement, the School invites applications from qualified individuals interested in teaching.  This listing is subject to change.

Please be aware that this course posting may require the course to be offered using alternative learning technology in an online environment.  To learn about what resources are available to learn about and use these technologies, please contact the Office of Open Learning or the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

COMP 1047-30          Computer Concepts for End-Users

COMP 1047-91          Computer Concepts for End-Users - Online Asynchronous

COMP 1410-01          Introduction to Algorithms & Programming II

COMP 1410-30          Introduction to Algorithms & Programming II

COMP 2057-30          Introduction to the Internet -

COMP 2057-91          Introduction to the Internet – Online Asynchronous

COMP 2067-95          Programming for Beginners - Online Asynchronous

COMP 2077-91          Problem Solving and Information on the Internet - Online Asynchronous

COMP 2097-91          Social Media Marketing for End Users - Online Asynchronous

COMP 2140-01          Computer Languages, Grammars and Translators

COMP 2660-01          Computer Architecture II:  Microprocessor Programming

COMP 2707-91          Advanced Website Design, Construction and Deployment – Online Asynchronous

COMP 3057-91          Cyber Ethics - Online Asynchronous

COMP 3077-91          Web-based Data management systems - Online Asynchronous

COMP 3150-01          Database management systems

COMP 3340-95          World wide web information systems development – Online Synchronous

COMP 3400-30          Advanced object-oriented system design using C++

COMP 4200-01          Mobile application development

COMP 4770-01          Artificial intelligence for games

COMP 8117-04          Advanced Software Engineering Topics

COMP 8207-01          Emerging Paradigms in Computing Technologies

COMP 8347-01          Internet applications and distributed systems

COMP 8347-02          Internet applications and distributed systems

COMP 8347-03          Internet applications and distributed systems

COMP 8547-01          Advanced Computing Concepts

COMP 8547-02          Advanced Computing Concepts

COMP 8547-03          Advanced Computing Concepts

COMP 8547-04          Advanced Computing Concepts




Required Qualifications:

  • A Master’s degree in Computer Science is required for teaching core undergraduate Computer Science courses (COMP1XX0 – COMP4XX0). 
  • A Ph.D. in Computer Science is required to teach CS graduate courses (COMP8XXX); a related Ph.D. in English technical writing/Communication with relevant experience may be considered for COMP8207).
  • Strong English communication and interpersonal skills (new applicants may be selected for an interview at the discretion of the committee).


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Computer Science teaching experience at the University level.
  • Recent training (past 5 years) in university teaching and Blackboard LMS.
  • Recent professional experience (past 7 years) in a position in the IT/CS industry that is relevant to the course topics.
  • Refereed publications related to the course field published in the past 6 years.


Not all of the above courses may be offered, subject to budgetary approval and teaching allocation changes.
For additional information, please contact the School’s Office at


The University of Windsor is committed to employment equity and welcomes applications from Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities.  Applications from women are particularly encouraged.


Notes: Subject to provisions of the Collective Agreement, preference will be given to applicants with preferred status and qualified applicants who are full-time faculty members.  Applicants who did not hold a faculty position in the School of Computer Science in the past 24 months are required to submit an updated CV and three recent letters of reference (not older than 12 months) to csdir@uwindsor.caOnly those successful will be contacted.