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MSc Thesis Proposal by Rida Zaidi:"Efficient Heuristic Solutions to Scheduling Online Courses "

Monday, February 1, 2021 - 09:30 to 11:00


The School of Computer Science is pleased to present… 

MSc Thesis Proposal by:  Rida Zaidi 

Date: Monday February 1st, 2021 
Time:  9:30 am – 11:00 am 
Passcode: If interested in attending this event, contact the Graduate Secretary at csgradinfo@uwindsor.ca


The demand for efficient algorithms to automate (near-)optimal timetables has motivated many well-studied scheduling problems in operational research. With most of the courses moving online during the recent pandemic, the delivery of quality education has raised many new technical issues, including optimal course scheduling. This thesis considers the problem of reaching an optimal schedule of the real-time courses in an educational institute, taking into account the conflict among courses, the constraint on the simultaneous consumption of the bandwidth at the hosting servers of the courses, and the maximum utilization of the prime time for the lectures. We consider solutions from greedy strategy, local search method, and integer linear programming approach. The column generation technique is adopted along with the ILP approach to handling the exponentially increasing number of decision variables in the bound-oriented problem formulation. The empirical study is expected to show the impact of the parameters on the efficiency of each approach. 
Keywords: Integer Linear Programming, Column Generation, Decision Variables, Local Search, Greedy Strategy 

Thesis Committee:  

Internal Reader: Dr. Dan Wu        
External Reader: Dr. Myron Hlynka 
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Chen 

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