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Joel Gagnon

Dr. Joel Gagnon

305 Memorial Hall
Ext. 2496

Dr. Gagnon's website
Research: Environmental, analytical and applied geochemistry

Ishan Al-Asam

Dr. Ihsan Al-Aasm

211B Memorial Hall
Ext. 2494

Dr. Al-Aasm's webpage
Research: Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Diagenesis, Reservoir Characterization, Low-temperature Geochemistry

Michelle Bondy

Ms. Michelle Bondy
Experiential Learning Specialist

238 Essex Hall
Ext. 3730

Eugene Kim

Dr. Maria Cioppa
Associate Professor
Environmental Science counselor

103 Memorial Hall
Ext. 2502

Dr. Cioppa's webpage

Research: Paleomagnetism and Rock Magnetism of Hydrocarbon-associated Rocks, Environmental Magnetism

Jill Crossman

Dr. Jill Crossman
Assistant Professor

112 Memorial Hall
Ext. 2499

Dr. Crossman's website
Research: Hydrology, hydrochemical modelling, aquatic biogeochemistry/ecology, sediment and solute dynamics, spatial analysis and GIS

Kenneth Drouillard

Dr. Kenneth Drouillard

Ext. 4744

Dr. Drouillard's website
Research: In situ bioenergetics, contaminant bioaccumulation modelling

Aaron Fisk

Dr. Aaron Fisk

Ext. 4740

Dr. Fisk's website
Research: Aquatic toxicology, aquatic ecology

Phil Graniero

Dr. Phil Graniero
Associate Professor
On leave

211 Memorial Hall
Ext. 2485

Dr. Graniero's webpage


Ms. Alice Grgicak-Mannion
Geospatial Learning Specialist

306 GLIER/214A Memorial Hall
Ext. 2170

Ms. Grgicak-Mannion's website
Research: Geographic Information Systems, Geospatial technologies, Geoportals and Metadata Systems, Environmental Modeling of Contaminants, Air Pollution Modeling

Chris Houser

Dr. Chris Houser
Professor and Dean of Science

242A Essex Hall
Ext. 3010

Research: Coastal and aeolian geomorphology, coastal erosion, coastal hazards, rip currents, Geo-education

Mike Mckay

Dr. Robert (Mike) McKay

Ext: 2797

Dr. McKay's website
Research: Nutrients, harmful algal blooms and winter limnology of large lakes

Ali Polat

Dr. Ali Polat
Graduate Program Chair

212 Memorial Hall
Ext. 2498

Dr. Polat's website
Research: Trace element and isotope geochemistry, geodynamics, anorthosite petrogenesis, Archean crustal evolution

Neil Porter

Dr. Neil Porter
Sessional Lecturer II

106 Memorial Hall
Ext. 2387


Ian Samson

Dr. Iain Samson
Acting Director

310A Memorial Hall
Ext. 2489

Dr. Samson's website
Research: Geochemistry, hydrothermal systems and mineral deposits

Frank Simpson

Dr. Frank Simpson

110 Memorial Hall
Ext. 2487

Dr. Simpson's webpage
Research: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Shaly Sandstone Reservoirs for Oil and Gas, Deep-Well Disposal of Fluid Industrial Wastes, Water-Resource Management and Soil Conservation

Dr. Alan Trenhaile

Dr. Alan Trenhaile
Distinguished University Professor 

205 Memorial Hall
Ext. 2184

Dr. Trenhaile's webpage
Research: Coastal Geomorphology and Management

Dr. Chris Weisener

Dr. Chris Weisener 

Ext. 3753

Dr. Weisener's website
Research: Environmental mineralogy, applied geochemistry, biogeochemistry

Dr. Jianwen Yang

Dr. Jianwen Yang

107 Memorial Hall
Ext. 2181

Dr. Yang's webpage
Research: Geofluids, hydrogeology and geophysics