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Conference Schedule

Draft Schedule


Wed, June 8, 2022

2:00-4:00 PM: MDG Steering Committee Meeting, SoCA Conference room

4:15-6:15: Registration, SoCA Welcoming Space and Gallery

6:15-7:00: Teresa Sims, Elder Welcome; Teajai Travis, Performance Artist

7:00-8:30: Keynote 1 and interactive panel: Dr. Henry Jenkins, Provost Professor and Annenberg Chair of Communications and Journalism, University of Southern California; with Dr. Christopher Cayari, Assistant Professor of Music Education, Purdue University; Dr. Roger Mantie, Associate Professor of Music Education, University of Toronto; Dr. Evan Tobias, Associate Professor of Music Education, Arizona State University, and Dr. Janice Waldron, Professor of Music Education, University of Windsor

Thursday, June 9, 2022

       8:30-9:10 AM: Keynote 2: Dr. Annabel Quan-Hasse, Rogers Chair in Communications, Professor of Sociology, Western University

9:10-10:50 AM: Two papers: Participatory culture in music learning and teaching

10:50 AM: Coffee Break

10:50-12:50: Two papers: Critical perspectives: Social media and music learning

12:50-1:50: Lunch and presentation of The Oxford Handbook of Social Media and Music Learning

1:50-3:10 PM: Two papers: Social media and diverse contexts in music education

3:10-3:30 PM: Coffee Break

3:30-4:45 PM: Two Papers: Multiple sits of engagement in music learning and teaching

7:00 PM: Colloquium Dinner


Friday, June 10, 2022

       8:30-9:10 AM: Keynote 3: Dr. Patricia Lange, Associate Professor of Anthropology, California College of the Arts

9:10-10:50 AM: Two papers: Online collaboration in music learning and teaching

10:50-11:10 AM: Coffee Break

11:20-12:50: Two papers: Democracy, social media, and music education

12:50-1:50 PM: Lunch

1:50-3:10 PM: Two Papers: Musical identity(ies) in networked society

3:10-3:30 PM: Coffee Break

3:30-5:30 PM: Two Papers: Social media, social justice, and activist music education

Saturday, June 11, 2022

9:10-10:30 AM: Two papers: Social media and online music communities of practice

10: 30-10:50 AM: Coffee Break

10:50-12:10: Two papers: Social media and the “business” of music education

       12:15-1:15 PM: Closing Colloquium Discussion and Remarks



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