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Dr. Filipe Duarte

Filipe Duarte
Assistant Professor
Office: 238, 167 Ferry Street
Windsor, ON N9A 0C5
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3077

Scholarly Interests/Areas of Expertise

  • Social citizenship rights
  • Comparative social policies
  • Political economy of the welfare state
  • Politics of austerity
  • Structural approaches to social work and social policy
  • Human rights
  • International social work

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., School of Social Work, Carleton University, Canada
  • M.S.W. (Phil.), Instituto Superior Miguel Torga, Portugal
  • B.S.W. (Hon.), Instituto Superior Miguel Torga, Portugal


Dr. Filipe Duarte is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Windsor. The recent focus of his social work scholarship lays at the intersection of structural social work and political economy. In particular, he is engaged in current global social welfare issues and practice responses that promote and advocate for peace, social justice and human rights. Dr. Duarte has been actively engaged in local and international issues challenging social work and has published on a broad range of issues regarding social citizenship rights and social policy, the political ontology of social work, the global agenda for social work, the implications of austerity, populism and human rights violations. He offers a critical analysis of the social, economic and political context underlying social welfare retrenchment in modern capitalist societies and advocates for both a local and international social work response. Dr. Duarte began his social work practice in Portugal. Aging population, child maltreatment, children with special needs, social assistance, violence against women, and addiction issues have been his areas of social work practice. Since 2012 his work has been global and local in scope. He is affiliated with the International Federation of Social Workers.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles (Peer-reviewed)

Duarte, F. (2018). T. H. Marshall is alive! A manifesto for a 21st century public welfare state. Critical and Radical Social Work Journal, 6, (1), 51-65. https://doi.org/10.1332/204986018X15199226335097

Amira, R., Ballantyne, N. & Duarte, F. (2018). Promoting the empowerment and liberation of people in Palestine. Critical and Radical Social Work Journal, 6, (1), 119-122. https://doi.org/10.1332/204986018X15199226335088

Duarte, F. (2017). The Challenge of Right-Wing Populism for Social Work, Social Dialogue, 17 (5), 36-38, (Special Issue on Populism and Social Work). http://socialdialogue.online/SDpdf/VOL.17.pdf

Duarte, F. (2017). Reshaping Political Ideology in Social Work: A Critical Perspective, Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work Journal, 29 (2), 34-44. http://dx.doi.org/10.11157/anzswj-vol29iss2id282

Duarte, F. (2016). (Building) a Political Agenda for Social Work, Social Dialogue, 14, 18-20. www.socialdialogue.online/SDpdf/VOL.14.pdf

Duarte, F. (2015). A Violação dos Direitos Sociais nos Paises do Sul da Europa [The Violation of Social Rights in Southern European Countries], Revista Intervenção Social, 42/45, 25-41, [Social Intervention Journal, 42/45, 25-41]. http://revistas.lis.ulusiada.pt/index.php/is/article/view/2188

Book Chapters (Peer-reviewed)

Duarte, F. (In Press). 21st Century Right-Wing Populism: A Social Work Response. Chapter in edited volume focusing on Populism and Social Work. Editors Goetz Ottmann and Carolyn Noble, Publisher: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group (UK).

Academic Blogs and Policy Think Thanks (Peer-reviewed)

Duarte, F. (2019, March 5). Europäisierung der Renten- und Arbeitslosenversicherung [Europeanising pensions and unemployment insurance]. [Europa.blog, translated by Jürgen Klute, originally published in Social Europe on March 5, 2019]. https://europa.blog/europaisierung-der-renten-und-arbeitslosenversicherung/

Duarte, F. (2019, March 5). Europeanising pensions and unemployment insurance. [Social Europe, Berlin, Germany]. www.socialeurope.eu/pensions-unemployment-insurance

Duarte, F. (2019, February 5). Marx's method of political economy. [Blog Progress in Political Economy (PPE), Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney, Australia]. http://ppesydney.net/marxs-method-of-political-economy

Duarte, F. (2017, October 14). Confronting Right-Wing Populism. Blog Re-Imagining Social Work in Aotearoa New Zealand (RSW), RSW Editorial Collective, New Zealand. www.reimaginingsocialwork.nz/2017/10/confronting-right-wing-populism/

Duarte, F. (2017, September 7). Orchestrating Austerity. Blog Progress in Political Economy (PPE), Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney, Australia. http://ppesydney.net/orchestrating-austerity

Duarte, F. (2017, August 2). Guest post: The renaissance of critical and radical social work? - ‘Boot Out Austerity’ – a new momentum for social work political activism. BASW Chair's Blog, The British Association of Social Workers, UK.

Duarte, F. (2017, July 31). Revisiting Marx's Approach to Ideology. Blog Progress in Political Economy (PPE), Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney, Australia. http://ppesydney.net/revisiting-marxs-approach-ideology

Book Reviews (Peer-reviewed)

Duarte, F. (2017). Social Policy in Canada (2nd edition), by Ernie Lightman and Naomi Lightman, 2017. Canadian Social Work Journal, Fall 2017, 18 (1). www.casw-acts.ca/en/resources/publications/canadian-social-work

Duarte, F. (2015). Orchestrating austerity: Impacts & resistance by Donna Baines & Stephen McBride (Eds.). Canadian Review of Social Policy, (71), 111-113, (Special Issue: Harper and Social Policy). http://crsp.journals.yorku.ca/index.php/crsp/issue/view/2139

Newspaper op-eds

Duarte, F. (2019, February 22). Proposta para um Mecanismo Europeu de Pensões e Subsídio de Desemprego [Proposal for a European Mechanism of Pensions and Unemployment Insurance], Jornal Público (Portugal). www.publico.pt/2019/02/22/economia/opiniao/proposta-mecanismo-europeu-pensoes-subsidio-desemprego-1862860

Duarte, F. (2018, July 31). Ordem dos Assistentes Sociais: que benefícios e implicações? [Regulation of Social Workers: what are the benefits and implications?], Jornal Público (Portugal). www.publico.pt/2018/07/31/sociedade/opiniao/ordem-dos-assistentes-sociais-que-beneficios-e-implicacoes-1838247

Duarte, F. (2018, March 9). Why social workers are demanding release of Palestinian rights defender, The Guardian, Social Care Network. www.theguardian.com/social-care-network/social-life-blog/2018/mar/09/social-workers-demand-release-palestinian-human-rights-defender-munther-amira


Duarte, F. (2019, February 9). Investigador português no Canadá defende mecanismo europeu para pensões e subsídio de desemprego [Portuguese researcher in Canada proposes a European mechanism for pensions and unemployment insurance]. (Lusa – Portuguese News Agency, Interviewer). Diário de Notícias. www.dn.pt/lusa/interior/investigador-portugues-no-canada-defende-mecanismo-europeu-para-pensoes-e-subsidio-de-desemprego--10559729.html

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Duarte, F. (2018, March 6). Petição de assistentes sociais, iniciada por português, pede libertação imediata de ativista palestiniano [Petition of social workers, initiated by Portuguese, calls for the immediate release of Palestinian activist]. (Lusa – Portuguese News Agency, Interviewer). Diário de Notícias. www.dn.pt/lusa/interior/peticao-de-assistentes-sociais-iniciada-por-portugues-pede-libertacao-imediata-de-ativista-palestiniano-9164406.html

Duarte, F. (2018, February 25). Petition Munther Amira. (S. Mourato, Interviewer). Omni TV - Focus Portuguese. www.omnitv.ca/bc/it/videos/petition-munther-amira-filipe-duarte/

Duarte, F. (2018, February 1). IFSW launches international campaign for the release of Munther Amira. (PNN Bethlehem, Interviewer). Palestine News Network. http://english.pnn.ps/2018/02/01/ifsw-launches-international-campaign-for-the-release-of-munther-amira/

Reviewer of the following Academic Journals

Child and Adolescent Social Work (CASW) Journal, published by Springer, US, July 2018 - November 2018.

Critical and Radical Social Work (CRSW) Journal, published by Policy Press, University of Bristol, UK, June 2018 - October 2018.