About Family and Social Relations

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This interdisciplinary program, unique in Canada, developed by leading world-class researchers, provides practical and theoretical insights into changes affecting families and social responses to those changes. Students explore child studies, sexuality, and sexual health (domestic and international), family history and change, marraige dynamcs, women's issues, changing gender roles, and aging. The program combines courses from a variety of disciplines including sociology, psychology, social work, history, and women's studies.

Family and Social Relations prepares students for careers in child and youth human services, counselling/rehabilitation, community advocacy, case management, and a variety of other related career paths.

Program Themes

  • Family Topics include:
    • Divorce - its causes and consequences
    • Legal issues surrounding family life
    • Changes in families over time (i.e., the rise of cohabitation)
    • Same-sex marriage
    • Delayed child-bearing and reductions in family size
  • Sexuality Topics include:
    • Commercialization of sex (including the pornography industry and sex work)
    • Sexual coercion and harassment
    • Sexual health - who has it or doesn't have it
    • Growing visibility and rights of gays, lesbians, and other sexual minorities
      Courses on sexuality are available in all partnering departments
  • Gender Topics include:
    • Women, Power, and the Environment
    • Gender, Space, and Time
    • Feminism
      Courses on gender are available in all partnering departments

Available Degree Programs

Your "major" defines an area of disciplinary focus and a "minor" is an area of supplementary specialization.