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The Sociology & Criminology Student Society

Sociology & Criminology Student Society LogoThe University of Windsor Sociology & Criminology Student Society is an informal organization dedicated to integrating full-time and part-time students at the Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. level. Our purpose is to offer approachable means for networking, mentoring, and enhancing the student experience in hopes of generating useful resources for all students.
We are student leaders who wish to help others with Sociology and Criminology.

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The University of Windsor Criminology Association

The University of Windsor Criminology Association is a student-run organization that provides outside involvement in the field of criminology. Through its numerous activities including guest speakers, social gatherings, field trips, career seminars and other special events, the organization aims to provide members with direct experience and involvement in criminology that is not only educational but also fun and exciting. The Criminology Association wishes to enhance its members' university experience by providing opportunities and assistance in whatever way possible. The Society has something for everyone--it is a great learning experience and a place to meet new friends.

Becoming a Member

It's easy to become a member of the Criminology Association. You can join by approaching the Criminology Association booth during the university's Annual Club Days at the start of each new semester. You can also join at any time throughout the year by contacting the Society, especially if you want to get involved in certain events that may appeal to you. The Society always welcomes new members including upper-level students already in criminology or first-year students looking to get involved and wanting to make the transition into university life more comfortable.

Benefits of Joining the Criminology Association

When you join the Criminology Association you may do so simply for enjoyment, a chance to meet new people or to improve your resume. Every year the club needs new executive board members. These positions offer students a chance to gain some great leadership experience and become involved in decision-making and planning processes. By joining the club not only do you get to meet other students, you also have an opportunity to interact with some of the finest faculty members that Canadian universities have to offer. As well, certain events such as scheduled guest speakers and career days allow members to talk with officials from the criminal justice field such as police officers, lawyers, judges, parole and probation officers. Various special events and field trips allow members to spend time in and learn more about the jobs that they may be interested in pursuing.

Events and Activities

The executive members of the Criminology Association are always trying to plan new and exciting activities. In recent years, the Society has visited prisons and penitentiaries in Kingston, toured the FBI headquarters as well as the Whitehouse in Washington and surveyed the prison system in New York City. As well, various faculty/student mixers, guest speakers and career seminars take place.

If you think that the Criminology Association is something that you might want to get involved in sign up today. To get involved contact an executive member, get signed up and take advantage of an experience that will provide memories for a lifetime!

You can contact the Criminology Association at: