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Welcome to our Department (SAC)

We welcome you to our Department and look forward to you joining us in the Fall! The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates how important a broad sociological approach is to provide you with models and methods to navigate, analyze, and engage with our world. How do we trust the news, information, and data around us? How can we make informed decisions? What impact does the virus have on our relationships, communities, families, inequality, crime, values, global connections, and politics? SAC courses provide you with the tools, models, and insight to adapt to unfamiliar, challenging, and exciting futures. See our 'Social Commentary' panel to the right on this webpage for Faculty and student perspectives on current issues: a student's personal reflections on the impact of anti-Black racism; a personal letter from some Department members against racism; contributions to public forums such as the CBC and "the conversation".

Our adaptable alumni graduates seize opportunities in a wide range of careers— in, for example, law, policing, government, NGOs, business, cultural and heritage organizations, product R&D, technology firms, policing, and creative design.

We offer many undergraduate programs, such as General BA degrees, Honours BA degrees, Combined Honours BA degrees, and Minors. Our Department's Graduate programs offer opportunities to advance your ability to analyze and comprehend the complexity of the world around us through an MA in Sociology, an MA in Criminology, or a Ph.D. in Sociology.

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