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Gerald Cradock

Dr. Gerald CradockGerald Cradock, PhD
Associate Professor

Office: 256-3 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3981


Research and Teaching Areas

Dr. Cradock's research centres on institutional responses to child abuse and particularly child homicide. He is interested in the way child abuse is constructed as both a moral and scientific problem. This has led him to research risk assessments, pediatric forensic pathology, and child abuse in institutional care. He is presently a member of the Inernational Network on Studies of Inquiries into Child Abuse, Politics of Apology and Historical Representations of Children in Out-of-Home Care, a network of scholars based primarily in the Nordic Countries, Western Europe, and Australia. Most recently, his interests have been drawn to the institutional challenges of caring for unaccompanied child migrants and a concern that the 19th century orphanage are being reconstructed as 21st-century 'Reception Centres.'

Recent Courses Taught

  • Sociology of the Family (48-204) at the second year level
  • Sociology of Childhood (48-301) at the third year level
  • Contemporary Social Theory (48-391) at the third year level
  • Advanced Seminar in Culture and Ideology (48-403) at the fourth year level
  • Classical Theory and Beyond (48-601) at the MA and PhD level
  • Family Relations and Gender Politics (48-650) at the MA and PhD level
  • Critical Perspectives on Policy Development (48-668) at the MA and PhD level


  • PhD, University of British Columbia, Interdisciplinary Studies

Recent and Key Publications

  • Cradock, Gerald. (2015) "Canadian Inquiries Stumble Towards Redress." In Apologies and the Legacy of Abuse of Children in Care: International Perspectives. Eds. Johanna Skold and Shurlee Swain. 134-146.
  • Cradock, Gerald. (2010) Uncertainties of Paediatric Homicide: Interoperability Problems for Social Work from the Goudge Inquiry, Canadian Review of Social Work. 27 (1): 27-39.

Community Involvement

  • Member of the Windsor-Essex Child Abuse Prevention Council

Recent Conference Presentations

  • Cradock, Gerald. "Working at Living: Negotiating Dependency." Presented at Mapping the Landscapes of Childhood II. Institute of Child and Youth Studies, University of Lethbridge, May 8th-10th, 2015.
  • Skold, Johanna (convener). Child Abuse -- An Issue for Historical Justice: Round table 2. Human Rights and Memory: Fourth Annual Conference of the Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory Network. Centre for European Studies and Lund University, Sweden, December 4-6, 2014.