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I'm Feeling Stressed

Informational Websites

Self-Help Techniques for Dealing with Stress: an article on Stress Management

Quiz to assess your stress management levels

How to Face your Feelings: an online module to learn about distress intolerance and suggested strategies for managing distressing or uncomfortable feelings more effectively

Overcoming Perfectionism: an online module designed to help you understand what is helpful and unhelpful about being a perfectionist and how to reduce perfectionist behaviour and challenge your thinking

Overcoming Procrastination: an online module to provide you with information about procrastination and some suggested strategies for how to overcome this problem

Adult ADD/ADHD screening tests


Progressive Muscle Relaxation - video demonstrating a relaxation technique

How to Make Stress Your Friend


Podcast on Stress Management Techniques

Guided meditations to relax back into the present

Breathing Relaxation Exercise

On-Campus Help

Writing Support Desk: a service that provides students with help in regards to their academic writing

STEPS (Skills to Enhance Personal Success): a program that is geared toward helping you develop the study skills that you need to achieve academic success in university. Check out their website for free workshops and free resources.

Telephone Services

My SSP - a confidential and free 24-hour service where international students can connect with an advisor who speaks their language and understands their culture.

Distress Centre- Provides telephone counselling from 12 noon - 12 midnight, 365 days a year

Good2Talk- Ontario's Postsecondary Student Helpline

Also, check out the page on feeling anxious for other ways to cope with feeling stressed