Drop-In Support Groups

Feeling alone? Isolated? Stressed? We are here for you! The Student Counselling Centre drop-in support group program is available to all University of Windsor students and currently has three support groups that you can join on a volunteer basis. 

Participation is by choice:

Participants are encouraged to engage throughout the session, however, each individual should only participate to the level at which they are comfortable.  In order to enhance the quality of dialogue and community-building, it would be ideal for everyone to join the session with cameras on, but we understand why this may not be possible for some.


All participants are asked to respect each other’s privacy and not to reveal anything personal that they learn about someone outside of the drop-in session.  While we hope that everyone will respect this privacy, we can never guarantee complete confidentiality in a group setting.  What is said in each session will never be attributed to any individual afterwards.

Respectful Communication:

We ask everyone to be respectful in their disagreement and when speaking to one another.  For more information, students can refer to the University’s Student Code of Conduct. Drop-In Groups will never be recorded under any circumstances. In order to provide a safe space for all participants, we request in advance that all attendees agree to this guideline, as well.

To join a Drop-In Support Group, click on the access button below on the date and time of the group.

Racialized Voices Gather Together  

This group is currently not being offered.

There have been many horrific occurrences this year involving systemic racism, oppression, discrimination and threats to Black and BIPOC psychological well-being at the University of Windsor and the Campus Community. We recognize the severe trauma that these and many other unspoken events are causing you. We offer this Drop-In Group as a safe space for you to listen, to support one another and to begin to heal. Staff present to facilitate this process will include a Black therapist and another allied therapist from Student Counselling Centre. Although this can never be enough, we want to be a part of the change and see this as a way forward.

COVID Care Conversations

Friday from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm. 

Students can get support from each other and learn skills to manage the difficulties caused by COVID.


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​LGBTQ+ Drop-in Group *NOT RUNNING MAY-AUGUST* Will resume in September!

Tuesdays from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm. 

The purpose of this group is for individuals in the LGBTQ+ community to find a safe outlet to discuss their unique challenges, and to find a sense of support among the other group members.


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