External Scholarships & Awards

The University of Windsor is committed to providing a strong student awards and financial aid program for all students.  This page provides information to undergraduate students about scholarships and awards available from sources external to the university. For information about awards offered by the University of Windsor, please visit the Student Awards page.

To successfully win external awards it is important for you to build a strategy. The first step in any student’s strategy should be to open an account on websites that offer access to large databases of student awards. We recommend the following:

Students should also consult the following resources:

NOTE: The University of Windsor does not promote scholarship opportunities that are offered by corporations. The information on this website is provided for the convenience of students only. Please be aware that scholarship opportunities are increasingly being used by internet trolls to harvest email addresses for their commercial value. Please exercise caution in submitting your contact information to anyone, by doing some research on each scholarship you wish to apply to, confirming its legitimacy. If you discover any scholarship links on these pages that appear questionable, please contact Dr. Tim Brunet (tbrunet@uwindsor.ca). Further information about external awards is provided via the links below: 

We're always seeking new opportunities for our students. Please send suggestions for additions or changes to Dr. Tim Brunet at tbrunet@uwindsor.ca

Good luck with your scholarship search!