Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Student Counselling Centre services free?

Yes! The Student Counselling Centre services are free and confidential to all University of Windsor students. Also, all campus and community resources listed on the Wellness Resource sheet are completely free and confidential! 

What can I expect at my first Student Counselling Centre visit?

The first visit at the Student Counselling Centre is around 30 minutes and there is some paperwork to fill out before you see a counsellor. The initial appointment is to identify your concerns, goals, and priorities to come up with the best plan to address them. Based on this information, the counsellor will discuss the services that are the best fit for you. You may be referred to group therapy, a community resource that is more specific to your needs (e.g. Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association for eating disorder-specific treatment), the Psychological Services and Research Centre on campus, self-regulated Therapy Assistance Online (TAO), or continue individual counselling with Student Counselling Centre services. If the plan is not meeting your needs, you are always welcome to revisit these concerns and goals with a counsellor in order to create a new plan. For a walkthrough of the many services available in addition to the Student Counselling Centre and how to access them, checkout our Walk Through Wellness resource.

What are common reasons people go to counselling or seek one of the mental health and wellness resources listed?

When concerns are ongoing and affect your sleep, academics, motivation, or other functioning it may be time to seek help. Common reasons students on campus seek counselling include:

• Extreme sadness

• Overwhelming stress

• Physical or mental illness

• Family issues

• Identity confusion

• Time management

• Illness or death of a loved one

• The end of important relationships

• Moving away from home

• Financial concerns

• Past traumatic experiences

• Other mental health challenges

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