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My Student Support Program

All UWindsor students will now have access to 24/7 counselling services with the campus-wide launch of the My Student Support Program (MySSP), a program offered by a partnership between the University of Windsor and the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA).

What is MySSP? Support when you need it. Any time, anywhere.

  • Free confidential counselling by licensed counsellors
  • Available 24/7 via call or text
  • At any given time, students have access to 35+ languages/cultures. Program supports 140+ languages/cultures across their entire clinical network (access within 24-48 hours)
  • App downloadable in simplified Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, English, and French (with Hindi to be added soon!)
  • Resource library for common student concerns (e.g. relationships, homesickness)
  • International phone number for when traveling abroad

Reach by phone:
Call 1-844-451-9700

Outside of North America?
Call 001-416-380-6578

Download My SSP on your mobile device:

Available in the Apple App Store Get it on Google Play

Call or chat using the broswer version:

What can MySSP counsellors help with?

  • Stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed
  • Sadness, loneliness, homesickness
  • Relationships with family, friends, roommates
  • Procrastination and trouble studying
  • Worries about upcoming exams or academic performance
  • And lots more!

It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it! Don't delay, download the app today!

MySSP App Features:


Want to help spread the word on campus? 

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Graduating soon?

Did you know that MySSP is available for UWindsor alumni up to 5-year post-graduation? As you transition from the University of Windsor to the working world, we want to continue to provide you with the tools and resources to help support you in your journey.