overall bide header featuring all of the BIDE pillars and their respective logos

BIDE Institute

The Belonging, Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity Institute is the student led EDI&D department that serves to provide a platform for underrecognized groups on the University of Windsor campus. Our drive to create these platforms and initiatives for students stems from Hiraldo's (2010) belief that "in order to take a closer step towards eradicating racism on college campuses, student and academic affairs need to incorporate dialogues around race throughout the curriculum and student activities" (Patton et al.)
‚ÄčThe implementation of the EDI Institute means that students of diverse groups will be protected under UWindsor bylaws and policies. BIDE aims to be the visible initiative in place. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion tend to be more visible within divisions of students affairs, although the power of the institution tends to be centralized within academic affairs where there is less representation of racialized people.
With BIDE, we aim to foster braver spaces in order to have students at the University of Windsor feel welcome and included. By creating programs and initiatives that give students the opportunity to share what they know, their experiences, and their passion through conversation and activities. 


Where does the name BIDE come from?

The term "bide" is defined by the Oxford dictionnary as to "remain or stay somewhere." This definition falls in line with groups the BIDE Institute serves to represent and protect as they are here to stay. We are here to continue the advocacy and protection of these communities within our campus. BIDE in this sense takes on a double meaning, the second being that it is an acronym for Belonging, Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity- all of which are the goals of the Institute. 

How does BIDE standout? 

Most post-secondary institutions brand their diversity institutes as EDI, or some form of mixture of those letters. Implementing the B to create the BIDE Institute makes it clear that we are aiming to foster a sense of belonging through inclusivity, diversity, and equity. We consider ourselves a leader through the incusion of belonging. The initiatives we have planned take a hands-on approach to enhance student experience. We would have more than a webpage and policy-change- we would have actions to match the words.  

Who developed BIDE?

The BIDE Institute is fully developed and operated by students. We serve to represent and advocate for all students on the University of Windsor campus. This Institute is built for the students, by the students, and because of the students. 

Why now?

While the University of Windsor has taken steps in implementing the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, the BIDE Institute is here to work out of the Office of Student Experience in collaboration with the Office of Vice-President Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Being student-run has pushed our team to implement hands-on initiatives and create opportunities for marginalized and underrepresented communities on the university of Windsor campus.