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Student Mass Email

University electronic mailing lists have been set up to provide University-wide communication with all or a substantial subgroup of the campus such as all staff, all faculty, all students. University electronic mailing lists for these subgroups are restricted for use by authorized persons to conduct University business only.
There are occasions when a University-wide communication is an appropriate means to send a message to a large group of people. However, sending such messages may have a negative effect on computer resources especially if carried out during normal work hours. It may take a considerable amount of time for these messages to be distributed to the campus and could cause the disruption of regular mail services and cause systems on campus to be overloaded.
Therefore, before following this avenue, it is critical that you give careful consideration to whom you are targeting with your message. Sending a message to all studenrs when only very few within this population may be interested in the message is inappropriate use.


On rare occasions when it is urgent to communicate in a timely fashion with the University community, a University-wide communication may be considered. You must comply with the below.

  • A University-wide communication must only be used for University business and will be sent only with the appropriate departmental head approval.
  • A University-wide communication will be sent during non-peak hours (outside of normal University business hours) unless of a time-sensitive or critical nature.
  • The content of University-wide communications must be brief. The size of the message must be kept to a minimum and should not contain graphics or other size enhancing attributes. You may want to provide a web page link within your message to provide more information while at the same time, minimizing the size of your message.

Sending a Mass Email

Many units and student organizations wish to communicate with specific groups through email. At the same time, email saturation is a growing concern of recipients. As such, it is important that messages sent from the University are read. It is also important that the University implement processes that reduce the possibility of overwhelming recipients with various messages from numerous groups. As a result, only emails that pertain to official university business will be sent through this system, with the only non-university exceptions being operationally focussed communications (e.g., elections, insurance) from the UWSA, GSS and OPUS.

Please note: we are no longer accepting mass email requests regarding calls for research participants.

Once you submit your request, the moderator will consult with the email author to determine whether a mass email is the appropriate communication channel for the message and may suggest one of the following alternatives:

The moderator will also ensure that multiple messages are not sent on the same day unless absolutely necessary, so as not to create an overload on system infrastructure or for email recipients.


Submit a request for a Mass Email


Please note that requests must be submitted 3-4 days prior to the requested send date to give enough time for approval.