Follow thezze tips to get those ZZZ

Are you getting enough sleep?

Why is sleep so key?

A good night sleep is the first step to getting good grades! Sleeping helps consolidate what you’ve learned and frees up resources to learn more when you wake up. It boosts concentration, productivity, thinking skills and memory, allowing you to remember more and perform better. Sleeping is also an essential part of any self-care routine! Sleeping provides the mind with an opportunity to recover and reset for the next day, improving mood and wellbeing. 

Are stressful thoughts keeping you awake? 

Sometimes talking is the best way to calm your mind and set your stressful thoughts to rest. Call or text with Call or text with MySSP counsellors to talk through your worries and start getting those Zzz!

Top Tips to Try:

  • Set an alarm for 60 minutes prior to the time you want to go to sleep. When the alarm sounds, put those books away! Taking time to relax before bed will put you in the right frame of mind to sleep.
  • Create a soothing environment in your room to help de-stress and get to sleep. Lavender oils, soothing sounds, and herbal tea are great options to help de-stress. If distracting lights are keeping you awake, try an eye mask or blackout blinds.
  • Is Netflix still on? Turn it off and put that phone or laptop away! The light and noise will keep you awake. Try a sleep promoting app instead like Calm, White Noise, or Headspace.
  • Energy drinks and caffeine may help you stay awake to study, BUT try to limit caffeine 4 hours before bed to prevent these stimulants from impairing your sleep.
  • Exercise balances your circadian rhythms, helping you to fall asleep faster and increases your quality of sleep. 
  • Is the change of season throwing off your sleep schedule? Try a sunrise alarm clock to start your morning off right by waking your body up with sunlight.
  • Try TAO! Check out the Mindfulness Library and interactive modules on progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, deep breathing, sleep habits, and more!