Student at the International Student Centre

Information for International Students

Follow the Travel Health - Health Canada link for information about:

  • current information on international disease outbreaks,
  • immunization recommendations for international travel,
  • general health advice for international travellers,
  • disease-specific treatment and prevention guidelines

When travelling outside Canada/USA travel immunization advice is recommended. Immunizations cannot all be given at the same time, so see your physician 2 - 3 months before your departure date.

Note: There is a charge for travel immunization information.
Ontario Health Insurance does not cover this assessment.

Student Health Services charges $50 for consultation with a physician and $15 for every injection. OHIP does not cover travel immunization.

On campus:
Student Health Services, 2nd floor, CAW Student Centre 519-973-7002 (fee)

Off campus:
Provincial Travel Clinic 519-250-6961 (fee) Windsor Essex County Health Unit 519-258-2146
TMC Clinic WIndsor, 519-944-1344 (this clinic does administer yellow fever immunization)

The following physicians are the only doctors in Windsor accredited to perform immigration medical examinations:

Name: Frank S. Drkulec
Address: Frank Drkulec Medicine Professional Corporation,
3145 Forest Glade Drive,
Telephone: 519-944-0005
Spoken Languages: English, Serbo-Croat

Name: Kiran Deep Kaur Tatlay
Address: Dr K Tatlay,
2525 Roseville Garden Drive, Suite 100,
N8T 3J8
Telephone: 519-945-4474
Spoken Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Various factors affect the fee charged by the physician. Check with the physician for individual costs. Fees include the doctor fee, x-ray cost and lab costs. Green Shield does not pay the doctor's fee. The patient must pay this fee themselves. Some Green Shield plans may cover the x-ray and lab fees. Check with the insurance company. An up-to-date list of physicians allowed to do immigration physical examinations.