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Record Policies

1. Only activities from the current semester and one semester previous will be recognized on the Co-Curricular Record.

2. In order for an activity to qualify for inclusion on the CCR, the following conditions must be met: ​

  • Minimum time requirements:
    • Executive positions within student government, clubs, and societies must have held the position for at least one academic semester
    • All other activities must have a minimum of 15 hours per individual activity
  • All activities must:
    • Occur on-campus and/or be coordinated on-campus
    • Occur outside the classroom
    • Not be for academic credit
    • Be sanctioned and formally recognized by the University of Windsor

3. All positions must have a contact with a uwindsor email that is not tied to a student. For example, the contact for ABC club should have abc@uwindsor.ca as the email address, not johnsmith@uwindsor.ca (the current student president).

4. All positions and activities must have a validator who is a long-term university staff or faculty member

5. Students must add positions to their own individual record which will then be pending until approved by the validator.

Note: ​ the time periods are year-long, from the start of Summer semester to the end of Winter semester, May 1st to April 30th. If a position is held by different students per semester, please contact the CCR program developer to create multiple positions to reflect this. For example, instead of an activity with one position for Volunteer, multiple positions for Volunteer FALL, Volunteer WINTER, and Volunteer SUMMER will be created. Remember, these positions must each meet the 15 hour time commitment requirement.