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Top 10 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)?
  • This official document details student activities, as well as the corresponding skills that have been gained from each activity. The CCR complements a resume and allows students to showcase their skill development and leadership experiences to potential employers and graduate schools.
2. Why should I build my CCR?
  • The CCR is a great addition to applications to potential employers and graduate schools. 
  • It complements a resume and academic transcript with a documented and validated list of experiences to showcase your skill development and leadership roles.
  • It shows your progression and participation in co-curricular activities throughout your UWindsor experience, encourages reflection on experiences, and assists with the articulation of related learning.
3. How do I get a position on my CCR?
  • Login to mySuccess and click on Co-Curricular Record on the drop-down menu. Then select View my Record/Add a Position and search for the position you would like to add. 
  • Note: it is your responsibility to add a position to your record (not the validator or the University). This must be done before the deadline, for more information on upcoming deadlines, please see Important Dates.
4. How do I add a new position that doesn't currently exist?
  • Use a Request Form to add a new position or activity to the CCR database. Refer to the Dos and Don'ts on submitting Request Forms and ensure the information is complete and accurate before submitting.
  • Once the position has been approved, you must sign back in to mySuccess and add the activity to your individual record. Please note: Request Forms are subject to approval and can be denied if the CCR criteria is not met.
  • A Request Form can be submitted by students or faculty/staff. Please refer to the Important Dates for information on deadlines. 
  • Note: The Request Form is only to add a position to the CCR database. To add a position to your individual record, please refer to Question 3.
5. Can I add an activity from a previous year?
  • No, a student can only add a position from the current semester or one semester previous. See Important Dates for deadlines.
6. What is a validator and how do I become one?
  • A validator is a faculty or staff member that sees your pending request for an activity to be included on your CCR and approves or declines it.
  • All positions must have a faculty or staff validator.
    • Exception: Clubs that do not have a faculty or staff member to validate can use the Clubs Coordinator as an alternative form of validation. This method is only available to UWSA ratified clubs. 
  • ‚ÄčTo become a validator, you must log on to mySuccess with your faculty or staff member login information. Then email the CCR Program Developer at ccr@uwindsor.caand request validator status.
7. What is the time commitment for each activity?
  • The minimum time requirement for student government, clubs, societies, and executive positions must be at least one academic semester. All other activities must meet a minimum of 15 hours of commitment per individual activity. The number of required hours may vary per activity.
8. Do the activities need to be directly related to the University?
  • Yes, the CCR is an official document of the University of Windsor, therefore, all activities must be sanctioned by the University.
  • For the CCR to recognize an activity, a faculty/staff member of the university must be able to validate participation.
  • Paid work can qualify for inclusion on the CCR, but it must not be for academic credit. For example, GA/TA positions will count if the student is paid, but not if they will be receiving academic credit.
9. Can I delete an activity if I add it incorrectly?
  • Students cannot remove new position requests once submitted. If the activity or position has incorrect information, please contact the CCR Program Developer atccr@uwindsor.ca.
  • Students cannot remove individual positions from their record once they have been approved or declined (only while still pending). If the position has been approved or declined already, with incomplete information, please contact the CCR Program Developer at this email addresss ccr@uwindsor.ca 
10. Can I appeal a declined activity?
  • Yes, first please contact the validator of your activity for their reasoning. Permission from the validator to the CCR Program Developer is required to overturn any declined decision. It is at the discretion of the validators whether or not the position status should be overturned. Further questions can be directed to the CCR Program Developer at ccr@uwindsor.ca