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Windsor Proud Because. Give Your Word. Give Your Support.

The University of Windsor’s Annual Giving campaign for 2020-21 is Because. The word Because to us has two meanings: it is a reminder of the important work that the university does within our community and society; and for all of us individually, it makes us reflect on what the University of Windsor means to us, and why we invest in the future of our school and community.

When you make a gift this year, you will be asked to share your “Because” word. To each of us, our word will be a unique reflection of our ties to UWindsor, and together they will become something greater than the sum of their parts: they will be an inspiration as we continue the important work that we all do for our communities and our society.

You may choose to make a gift to:




The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we reach out to you. If you have received a phone call from a student in previous years, you won’t this Fall. Instead we’ll be reaching out in different ways.

Every Gift Counts

We are all in this together! Every donor and every gift counts toward our campaign, and we all have a role to play, regardless of the size of your gift. Your generosity allows our students, faculty, and staff to generate new ideas, make new discoveries and solve some of today's most pressing problems.