Towards a Circular Economy

The University of Windsor has made numerous improvements in our waste management programs in the last decade. This environmental movement has included implementing sustainability-based initiatives to transition to a circular economy, where we minimize our waste and make the most of resources already available.  
Recent waste reduction efforts have focused on limiting the consumption of one-use paper and plastic products. A few of these changes include:
  • UWin Student and UWin Finance sites have transitioned to electronic platforms
  • Course syllabuses are now available online
  • Installation of water bottle refill stations to encourage students and faculty to use reusable water bottles. Refill stations can be found at multiple locations across the University of Windsor campus including:
    • The CAW Student Centre
    • The Anthony P. Toldo Health Education Centre
    • The University of Windsor Welcome Centre
    • Leddy Library
    • The St. Denis Athletic and Community Centre
    • Ianni Law Building
Reusing our resources will minimize the amount of waste diverted to landfills and decrease our carbon footprint. Some of the ways items are reused on campus include:
  • Donation bins throughout residence buildings
  • Selling used office and classroom furniture to the campus community  
UWindsor has made significant financial investments to improve recycling stations on campus. Learn more about recycling at UWindsor: