Welcome to the Technical Support Centre

Who We Are

Welcome to the University of Windsor's Technical Support Centre (TSC), a 5000-square-foot machining and electronics design facility dedicated to providing the finest research and development centre possible for faculty, staff and students. The TSC's primary function is the fabrication of research equipment deemed necessary by faculty to assist students in the pursuit of their academic degrees.


The success of any research program relies heavily on its capabilities to produce results - the kind of results that turn a concept or vision into a working prototype. The Technical Support Centre has embraced this philosophy for over 50 years. Together, TSC's dedicated team of skilled technicians possess more than a century of experience in precision machining, troubleshooting and product design in both electronic and mechanical fabrication. From basic testing components for classroom analysis to advanced custom-built instrumentation, customers can rest assured they will receive the highest quality service that only a team effort can provide.


Faculty members are dedicated to providing the best education available and mentoring students in their academic and career goals. The TSC is committed to fostering excellence in research by encouraging original thought, initiative and innovative, cost-effective solutions. The TSC facility enjoys an established track record of success with its clients. Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous. TSC will continue its advances and growth to provide the finest research and development facility possible.

The TSC has been providing research support to all departments on campus for over 50 years. This support is vital in maintaining the high standard of excellence essential for all departmental programs. TSC takes pride in offering both affordable and accessible solutions to virtually any problem. Its experienced staff possesses a wide variety of expertise ranging from precision machining and fabrication to customized software programs.