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Headshots of the 20-21 Company

2020-2021 SEASON

by david yee
directed by Sébastien Heins
Jack Dewar
Gareth Finnigan
Dustin Sedore
Dan Stanikowski
Stage Manager Maggie Pinnsoneault
Assistant Director Dyani Armijl-Sinnett

by Karen Hines
directed by Griffin McInnes
Alison Adams
Sam Cranston
Katelyn Doyle
Caleb Pauzé
Stage Manager Joseph Hawkins
Assistant Director Kaelee Brassard-Welch

by Elena Eli Belyea
directed by Kim McLeod
Jonnie Lombard
Marissa Rasmussen
Bethany Joy Radford
Juli Docherty
Stage Manager Kaelee Brassard-Welch
Assistant Director Dan Stanikowski

by Marcus Youssef
directed by Mitchell Cushman
Caitlin Jasulaitis
Alannah Pedde
Elena Reyes
Brennan Roberts
Stage Manager Chris Boyd
Assistant Director Sam Cranston