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EDI Priorities

Students walking in front of Dillon Hall

Priorities for 2021

  1. Facilitate the University of Windsor’s upcoming external review of equity, diversity and inclusion.​
  2. In conjunction with the Executive Leadership Team, lead a consultative process to develop the University of Windsor’s first EDI Strategic Plan.​
  3. Guide the: ​
    1. Implementation of ABR Task Force recommendations in conjunction with relevant university and community stakeholders.​
    2. Process to address the broader issues of racism on university campuses that compelled the OHRC to write to university presidents in Dec/20. This includes anti-Indigenous racism, anti-Asian racism and all forms of racism and racial discrimination. ​
    3. Work with the racialized data collection Rapid Action Unit and Implementation Committee to operationalize the University of Windsor’s Student Self-Identification Survey. ​
    4. Substantial progress has already been made to launch Phase One.​
  4. Advises on the development of a Senate Bylaw for the permanent VP, EDI position in the future and work with the President and the ELT and the Indigenous community to fashion a senior level Indigenous portfolio. To achieve the goals of a more just campus we need traditionally marginalized voices at the table.
  5. Establish an EDI Strategic Advisory Committee​, a cross-sectional and intersectional university-wide body that will work to develop a shared vision of and strategic plan for EDI. ​
  6. Establish the Anti-racist Coalition, a ‘rainbow coalition’ of racialized peoples and allies that provides guidance around issues of racism and racial discrimination. Would take the place of the current ABR Roundtable.​
  7. Publish a electronic EDI newsletter designed to educate and inform the university and broader community. Expect Volume 1 December 2021.​

Vice-President, EDI:  Key Areas of Focus

•       Policy and procedures 

•       Accountability 

•       Structural change 

•       EDI Leadership and Community Engagement 

•       Healing and reconciliation 

Vice-President, EDI: Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provides guidance, advocacy, insight, and leadership as we work toward a permanent, Senate-governed leadership role at the V-P level.

  • Provides systematic, intentional, and coherent infrastructure to support the ongoing work of fostering and ensuring increasingly welcoming, equitable, inclusive, just, and safe campus communities.

  • Leads and supports efforts to address racism and discrimination on campus.

  • Provides guidance at the leadership table to ensure that equity, diversity and inclusion priorities thoughtfully inform decision making. 

  • Facilitates the University of Windsor’s upcoming external EDI review.

  • Leads a process to establish the Senate Bylaw for the permanent VP, EDI position in the future.

  • Works especially closely with the Interim Provost and team on many initiatives related to the student experience, student misconduct, conflict resolution, faculty matters, research support, and curriculum development.

  • Provides key leadership in strategic planning.

  • Oversees activities of the Office of Human Rights, Equity, and Accessibility.

  • Oversees process for response to and implementation of the recommendations of the ABR Task Force.

  • Undertakes community engagement activities.