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Organizational & Leadership Development

Organizational Development is a dynamic values-based approach to systems change. It strives to build the capacity of an organization to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organization and its stakeholders/community (OD Network). It applies systems and human behavior knowledge to achieve the desired outcomes.  To support and advance institutional priorities, the following organizational development services are offered to administrative and academic areas:
Design and facilitation of group processes to develop strategic/operational plans aligned to the University’s strategic plan, including sessions designed to clarify a team’s purpose, values, and action items to assist the team move forward.
Design and facilitation of change management processes to assist departments, committees and groups plan and implement changes, focusing on the human dimension of change.
Design and facilitation of group processes to address an issue/challenge, including development of action plans.
Design and facilitation of processes to assist a team enhance its ability to work more effectively together. Processes are typically designed to improve work relationships, communication and team deliverables.
Design and facilitation of retreats/meetings to guide a group through their agenda, ensure active and productive conversations and work through challenging topics.
Design and implementation of a customized training solution to enhance knowledge and skills, and support organizational change.
Provide guidance to managers to address issues/challenges within their department, particularly in the areas of employee engagement, conflict resolution, communication and change management.
Individuals holding leadership positions are supported in the creation of their leadership development plan through the administration of the Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessment tool developed by MHS (Multi-Health Systems). The EQ-i 2.0 Leadership or EQ360 can be utilized to help individuals identify their strengths and areas for enrichment. (Please note that there is a charge for this service to cover the cost of the instrument).


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