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Over the last year the Office of the Vice-President, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion has continued to grow and evolve with the aim of fostering a working and learning environment where everyone feels welcomed, included, safe and that they belong.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) must be at the center of everything that we do at the University of Windsor. To support building a more people centric organizational culture and healthier work environment, the Department of Human Resources was brought into the EDI umbrella this spring as well as the Director, Organizational Development and Training reporting directly to me. The Human Resources departments of today must be intentional in resisting the perpetuation of systemic barriers in employee recruitment, hiring, retention and development, as well as in enforcing human resources practices that create and reinforce an inclusive and equitable organizational culture. Therefore, bringing the Department of Human Resources under the VP EDI portfolio is crucial to our success. Collectively, we will be investing in people, enhancing communication, nurturing relationships and creating a stronger sense of connection, inclusion and wellbeing.

These changes, together with our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and anti-racism change initiatives that are underway will result in a campus environment we can all be proud of.

I invite you to explore the website to learn about some of the strategic initiatives that we are currently focusing on and look forward to continuing to keep you informed about our progress towards a more inclusive, equitable and just environment for all.


Yours truly,
Dr. Clinton Beckford
Vice-President, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (Acting)



Is fundamentally about fairness. We will work to ensure fair treatment, equitable access to opportunities and equitable treatment under our policies and procedures.


Is about the representation of difference. We are concerned with who is at the table and if the difference is accounted for. We will foster an environment in which differences are valued.


Is about belonging. Do we all feel that we are a valued and respected part of the organization? We will foster an environment where everyone has a say.


A just campus is a safe and secure place for all, with special attention to the powerless and most marginalized and disadvantaged. This requires an environment where policies and procedures are applied consistently and fairly.