3 people smiling and talking in front of a mural of a white and Black child hugging with text Office of the Vice President People Equity and Inclusion

Message from the Vice-President


As our office embarks on its transition to the new name, the Office of the Vice-President of People, Equity, and Inclusion, we are propelled by our unwavering dedication to fostering a progressive and supportive environment for individuals and diverse cultures.

“We are dedicated to empowering faculty, staff, and students as they work towards advancing the University's pledge to foster a campus community that is equitable, inclusive, respectful, and brimming with vitality."

With the unveiling of our new website, our intention is not only to celebrate our achievements since the office's inception a mere two years ago, but also to provide a glimpse into our exciting future. Through this platform, we aim to keep the campus community informed about the latest developments in our initiatives and the impactful actions we undertake. 

We wholeheartedly invite the campus community to actively engage with our office, explore the website where they can find the most up-to-date information, and actively participate in our enriching events and initiatives. By joining forces, we can forge a path toward positive change and create an inclusive, vibrant, and united campus environment. 

Yours truly,
Dr. Clinton Beckford (he/him)
Vice-President, People, Equity, & Inclusion

Dr. Clinton BeckfordDr. Clinton Beckford became the inaugural Acting Vice-President, People, Equity, and Inclusion in June 2021 with the aim of providing guidance, advocacy, insight, and leadership in building a systematic, intentional, and coherent infrastructure to support fostering a welcoming, equitable, inclusive, just, and safe campus community. His seat at the executive leadership table, Senate, and the Board of Governors is integral to the university’s strategic goal to make equity, diversity, and inclusion central to everything it does.

Dr. Beckford has an established record of social justice engagement through his teaching, research, and community work.

He has developed courses and projects at the UWindsor Faculty of Education designed to enhance the competence of new teachers to teach through equity and inclusion lenses as well as mentor underrepresented racialized students through graduate student supervision in that department. As coordinator of the Global Community Engagement Program in the Faculty of Education, he and teacher candidates work with marginalized children through service-learning projects, including in Jamaica and Tanzania. Dr. Beckford also developed and runs the Girls' Leadership and Empowerment Program (GLEP) for secondary school girls in Tanzania 

Dr. Beckford has worked on research and education with First Nations in Ontario and with Maasai and Hadzabe groups in Tanzania on education and cultural engagement. His work with local communities focuses on issues of environmental justice and food justice grounded in the role of traditional and local knowledge. He has also researched the agricultural workers' program in Canada and its impact on migrant farmworkers from the Caribbean.

Dr. Beckford's depth of experience as a highly respected advocate for social and environmental justice, as an agent of change in dismantling systemic oppression on this campus and beyond, and as an educational and administrative leader has allowed him to provide much-needed guidance to the University of Windsor in his VP role.

Dr. Clinton Beckford (he/him), PhD, MPhil, BA
Vice-President, People, Equity, & Inclusion
Assumption Hall
vppei@uwindsor.ca | 519.253.3000 ext. 2018

Executive Assistant to the VP, People, Equity, & Inclusion
Kayla Hurst (she/her), BA
kayla@uwindsor.ca | vppei@uwindsor.ca
519-990-0061 | 519-253-3000 ext. 2642