3 people smiling in front of a mural. text Office of the Vice President People Equity and Inclusion

About Us


Is fundamentally about fairness. We will work to ensure fair treatment, equitable access to opportunities and equitable treatment under our policies and procedures.


Is about the representation of difference. We are concerned with who is at the table and if the difference is accounted for. We will foster an environment in which differences are valued.


Is about belonging. Do we all feel that we are a valued and respected part of the organization? We will foster an environment where everyone has a say.


A just campus is a safe and secure place for all, with special attention to the powerless and most marginalized and disadvantaged. This requires an environment where policies and procedures are applied consistently and fairly.

Together, racism, discrimination, and oppression make up one of the biggest challenges facing the University of Windsor and the entire higher education ecosystem in Ontario and Canada.

In June 2021, the University appointed an interim Vice-President Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion as part of the recognition that, as an institution, we have more work to do in creating a more inclusive and just campus. 

Now the Office of the Vice-President, People, Equity, and Inclusion, this office works collaboratively with a coalition of university stakeholders to build a sustainable infrastructure to dismantle systemic discrimination and oppression and transform the University of Windsor into a truly safe, inclusive, equitable, and just learning and working environment, through:

  • Ensuring representation of diversity at the executive leadership table;
  • A ground-up approach built on the establishment of communities of practice and action;
  • Embedding people, equity, and inclusion into every aspect of the campus culture;
  • A commitment to substantive and enduring change that resists performative actions;
  • Recognition of the intersectionality of discrimination and oppression;
  • Unapologetically addressing oppression and injustice, including speaking truth to power;
  • And, understanding that change is often uncomfortable and difficult, but necessary.

Our community has indicated that anti-oppression statements and words are not enough--we must act. Now is the time for action on our campus and in our community. We invite you to join the mission. To be involved. To have a stake in it, and to take ownership. This is our campus. Its problems are our problems. And this moment is ours too. Let us seize it. Together.

On this website, you will find information about the various initiatives and actions of the Office of the VP, People, Equity, and Inclusion.

This website includes links to various documents. Please contact the Office of the VP People, Equity, & Inclusion at vppei@uwindsor.ca or (519) 253-3000 ext. 2642 should you require any of the documents in an alternative format.