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Black Student Support Coordinator

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What does the Black Student Support Coordinator do?

Students can book in-person or online appointments with the Black Student Support Coordinator to access:

  • Support in navigating various University processes and systems, including but not limited to, faculties, departments, and disciplinary processes
  • General support, advocacy, regular follow-ups, and referrals to campus resources or resources within the Windsor-Essex community
  • A liaison on behalf of Black students to various campus stakeholders
  • Mentorship for individual Black students, including direct encouragement and support and active listening
  • Assistance in ensuring Black students obtain course content, assignments, and tutoring services
  • Support connecting with UWindsor and external funding opportunities for Black students (ex. emergency financial supports, scholarships, bursaries)
  • Support connecting with additional UWindsor support services (e.g., counsellor, academic advisor, psychologist, etc.)
  • Advice on protocols and procedures of the reporting process in cases where students have experienced racially motivated harassment or discrimination
  • Support for stakeholders in facilitating on-campus events that promote Afrocentric programming

The Black Student Support Coordinator promises unbiased, confidential, ongoing support to students by listening actively to their concerns and situations with discretion, empathy and respect, and is committed to building understanding of the needs and concerns of Black students from a perspective that includes intersections of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic class, and other significant aspects of individual and cultural identity.

Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok: @UWinBSSC

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Kaitlyn Ellsworth (she/her), MRes(s), BA, BEd, BA(H), OCTKaitlyn Ellsworth
Black Student Support Coordinator
Office of the Vice-President, People, Equity, & Inclusion

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