Requesting an Appointment

If you have not already done so, please visit Selecting the Right Type of Appointment to learn more about the various types of appointments and the appropriate channels for processing them. 

Once you have identified the right type of appointment to suit your needs, you can begin the process of requesting an appointment.

In order to appoint or reappoint grant-funded research personnel, you must submit a complete request for appointment package to your Department Head, Dean, and Research Finance for approval. This package must include all of the following forms and documents:

If the appointee is related to you, you must also include:

If the appointment is funded through the MITACS Accelerate or Elevate programs and the appointment will extend beyond the duration of each funding instalment, you must also include:

If the appointee is a foreign national who has already been issued a work permit, a copy must be appended to the request for appointment package.

Below you will find links to the information you will need to complete and submit these forms.

Please note that request for appointment packages, including those requesting a reappointment, that do not include all of the above-noted forms and documents will not be considered until complete.