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Limited Term Assistant Professor Position - Courses in WGS

This LTA position involves an annual teaching load of six undergraduate courses.  The following is a sample list of core required and elective courses in Women's and Gender Studies that the successful candidate may be interested in teaching. 

Introductory Courses in WGS

WGST-1000. Women in Canadian Society
This course illustrates and account for the position of women in Canadian society. We explore how gender identities are informed by the process of social construction which privileges some women while disadvantaging others.

WGST-1300. Imagining Women
This course examines a broad cross-section of historical and contemporary representations of western women in popular culture, and visual media – photographs, film and video, the fine arts, and advertising. The student will be introduced to feminist and gender-related theories of representation. (Can be taken for either Social Science or Arts credit.)

Core Courses in WGS

WGST-2510.History of Women's Movements in North America
An exploration of the collective action of women in the past and present in North America. Areas of study may include women's involvement with the temperance, civil rights, suffrage, trade union, environmental, reproductive rights, and women's liberation movements. (Also offered as History HIST-2510.)

WGST-3060. Frameworks for Feminist Research
An exploration of the diverse approaches to feminist research in a variety of fields. Students will examine the core questions and approaches that various disciplines bring to the study of women. (Prerequisites: Two courses at the 2000-level or above from Women's and Gender Studies or consent of the instructor.)

WGST-4000. Exploring the Feminist Voice
Students apply theoretical learning in Women’s Studies to individual lived experiences and actions. Through writing and other modes of representation, they communicate their feminist ideas to target audiences. (Prerequisites: WGST-3590 (or WGST-3050) and WGST-3060 or consent of the instructor.)

Courses in Sexualities & Trans Studies

WGST-1400. Queer Activism
Students engage with LGBTQ+ activism, past and present. Students investigate how queer communities are created and sustained through protest, alliance-building, symbols, and memes. (Also offered as SJST-1400).

WGST-2100. Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice
This course examines the personal and cultural meanings of women’s sexual identities in Canada today. Students consider how these identities are created and experienced in conjunction with other identities such as race/ethnicity, social class, and (dis)ability and how women challenge the personal, social, political, and economic inequities that continue to be based on these identities. Students are encouraged to analyze how their beliefs and behaviours are shaped by heterosexual privilege.(Also offered as Sociology SACR-2100.) (Prerequisites: WGST-1000.)

Courses in Critical Disability Studies (to be developed)

WGST-2990. Special Topics in Women's Studies
Special Topics courses will be offered occasionally to meet a demonstrated academic need that cannot be satisfied by regular course offerings. (Prerequisites: will vary depending on the subject.)

WGST-3990.Special Topics
The content will vary to reflect student need and faculty expertise and may be offered as a cross-listed course with other programs. (Prerequisite: at least semester 4 standing. Additional prerequisites may apply depending on subject.)(May be repeated for credit if content changes.)

Courses in Conflict Resolution and Work & Employment Issues

WORK-1500. Working for a Living
This course uses the students' own experiences of work to examine the economic, social, and psychological significance of paid and unpaid work in Canadian society, the tasks and values assigned to various kinds of work, and the relationship between work and living standards.

WORK-2180. Everyday Conflicts and Their Resolution
Students design and practice techniques for resolving everyday conflicts with friends and co-workers effectively and respectfully, and without damaging interpersonal relationships. Students learn to focus on the problem, not the person; identify and respond to hidden agendas and subvert personal attacks. Pre-requisite: Semester 3 or above standing or permission of the instructor. (Also offered as PSYC-2180 and SJST-2180)

WORK-2700. Speaking Truth to Power: Voice and Activism
An examination of contemporary struggles for social change with a particular focus on anti-consumerist and environmental justice campaigns. Students learn to create persuasive social justice messages. (Prerequisite: Semester 3 or above standing.) (Also offered as DRAM-2700, SJST-2700, and CMAF-2700)