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Pauline Phipps

Pauline Phipps installation art, "Restless"
(519) 253-3000 ext. 2173

I came to Women's and Gender Studies with a  background in Visual Arts and History. My multi-media installation work comments on the presentation of women in culture, and how women resist gender/sex stereotyping and objectification. This concern, which continued in my studies in History, led to my exploration of how past women challenged categories like gender and sex in order to gain independence both for themselves and for future generations of women.

"Imagining" the past and present-day experience of women is what I'd been doing in art and in history, so it was exciting to be able to teach it in Women's and Gender Studies as well. My background, and my interest in feminist theory and pedagogy, has led me to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to my teaching. In my first-year course, Imagining Women, I integrate visual imagery from advertising, art, and film to examine the ways in which western women navigate the political, economical and cultural norms that shape their bodies.

The Women's and Gender Studies classroom has taught me what it means to be a feminist. The discussion and debates in the classroom widen one's own perspective; they have certainly furthered my own learning experience as a woman. I also try to impress upon students the relevance of Women's and Gender Studies as a field of enquiry, and its important contribution to the university setting.

Email to see what I'm teaching next or look for me teaching these courses:

  • Imagining Women
  • Frameworks for Feminist Research
  • Becoming Visible: Women in European History
  • 19th Century Gender, Class & Nation

You can also view my profile on the Department of History website.