Rita Haase

Rita Haase in the community gardenhaaser@uwindsor.ca
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3722
I came to Women's and Gender Studies with a background in Biology/Ecology and a profound interest in Women's and Gender Studies. My undergraduate and graduate studies always involved feminist issues. I teach ecofeminism as well as science and environmental education, research the study of science history and its implications for women, write about scientific ethics, and look at how we understand science and its role in society.
A great advantage of our small program is that Women's and Gender Studies becomes a home to students and instructors. Women's and Gender Studies is such a mixture of students with different academic, social, ethnic, etc. backgrounds and I have found that most students are eager and willing to open up and look critically at our society.  
Women's and Gender Studies gives me an opportunity to integrate environmental issues and activism in my teaching. In the Campus Community Garden, I help students learn how to grow food, environmental stewardship, and issues around sustainability. The garden is a bridge between campus and the neighbourhood. Students learn the importance of food, where it comes from, and the labour involved in food production.
Email wgst@uwindsor.ca to see what I'm teaching next or look for me teaching these courses:
  • Women's Bodies, Women's Health
  • Women, Power, and Environments