"TRANScending Love: Rings & Tingz" In Honour of Trans Day of Remembrance

Thursday, November 17, 2022 - 10:00 to 11:15

In honour of Trans Day of Remembrance, Women's and Gender Studies in the School of Social Work presents

in partnership with the Office of Human Rights, Equity, and Accessibility and the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support

TRANScending Love:  Rings & Tingz


Tatiana Ferguson, co-founder of the Black Queer Youth Collective (BQYC)


Vanessa Carter, consultant and Trans advocate

Thursday, November 17, 2022

10:00 am - 11:15am

via Zoom Webinar (pre-registration is required)

This event is free and open to the public.  Live captioning will be provided.

TRANScending Love: Rings & Tingz is a community-led project that examined the experiences of African, Caribbean, and Black Transwomen in Canada when dating and in pursuit of long-term relationships. The project builds on TRANScending Love: T-Love, an arts-based workshop designed to address self acceptance and Intersectional stigma among Transgender Women of Color in Toronto. Unlike the TRANScending Love: T-Love which focused on Transwomen of Color in Toronto, TRANScending Love: Rings & Tingz engaged Black Transwomen across Canada to explore key motivators for Transwomen who are Single, Dating, or Married. Tatiana will be sharing findings from the project including insights about the research design, outreach strategy, and themes that emerged at the upcoming event. To learn more about the project, feel free to check out the podcast episode on the TRANScending Love: Rings & Tingz.


Tatiana Ferguson

Tatiana B Ferguson is a leader in Equity and Inclusion and a co-founder of the Black Queer Youth Collective; a grassroots group dedicated to providing opportunities and support to Black Queer and Trans individuals in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. In her private practice, Tatiana coordinates and facilitates capacity building activities for organizational and systemic change. Her work is informed by an anti-oppression framework with critical consideration to how intersections of Race, Gender, and Class interplay to create barriers for marginalized communities. Tatiana provides comprehensive training on LGBTQ+ issues through webinars, panel discussions, and lectures. As a subject matter expert on Gender Diversity and Inclusion, Tatiana has worked with several community organizations and all three levels of government to inform public policy. Notable, she spearheaded the Toronto for All campaign to raise awareness about Racism and Transphobia and consulted with the Social Development, Finance and Administration department at the City of Toronto to inform priorities for the Toronto Action Plan to Confront Anti-Black racism. She was also part of the inaugural Queer and Trans Research Lab housed at the Mark S Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at University of Toronto where she created the TRANScending Love: Rings and Tingz. As a renowned advocate, educator, and community leader. Tatiana has made multiple television appearances to discuss her work and received numerous awards for her contributions to Queer activism. Furthermore, Tatiana continues to provide management and administrative support to the Black Queer Youth Collective and serves as a co-investigator on Trans PULSE Canada. Beyond her research and community work, Tatiana is an active member of several committees working to advance social justice for all Canadians.  LinkedIn: @Tatiana Ferguson

Vanessa Carter

Vanessa Carter is a consultant and Trans advocate





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