Housing and Dining

UWindsor students enjoying outdoor seating


Choosing your academic program and which University you’ll attend are important decisions.

Choosing where to live is equally as important.

There are various options but living on campus is your best choice since it puts you at the heart of student life.

It gives you a chance to be independent while being surrounded with support from residence staff.

An added benefit for international students is how close you are to the International Student Centre (ISC), located in Laurier Hall, where residence students live.

Our residence halls are conveniently located throughout the campus where it's only a short walk to:

  • food outlets
  • recreational facilities
  • Leddy Library
  • Registrars' Office
  • Campus Bookstore
  • CAW Student Centre
  • local banks

Bedrooms are furnished so there’s no need to purchase items such as a bed, desk, desk chairs or lamp. 

There are many adjustments to University life and by living on campus there’s no need to worry about planning or cooking your meals.

The requirement of a meal plan allows students to sample food from a variety of countries without leaving campus and the flexibility of the meal plans gives students choice.

Students can also benefit from the diversity of the City of Windsor and can take advantage of the variety of restaurants surrounding the University.

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