Open Positions

I am currently accepting applications for four PDF positions.

Position 1: Molecular Biology. This position is open to individuals holding a PhD in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, proteomics or a related discipline. The position is one year renewable indefinitely depending on performance. This is a leadership position with the opportunity to be highly involved in group, project, and budget management as well as directing the cell and molecular biology subprogram within the Trant research group. The individual will be working very closely with our highly talented collaborators in the deparment of biomedical sciences here at UWindsor, and with our external collaborators across Canada and around the world. The initial focus of the position is to establish the baculovirus expression system in the Trant lab to support a number of projects. There is also a current focus on microbiology, enzymatic engineering, and whole cell fermentation to obtain new natural products from both yeast and bacterial cell lines. The group is equipped with a cell culture suite and has shared access to all the standard instrumentation required to conduct genetic engineering of cell lines, cell culture, and fermentation science. We collaborate closely with research groups that conduct in vivo studies in mouse and zebrafish models, and work in this area is possible according to the interests of the candidate. The position will involve supporting grant writing and working closely with the PI, Dr. John Trant. The position is also designed t oobtain rapid publication of multiple ongoing projects as well as establishing new projects within the group. The position will potentially also involve establishing new 3-d printed models of ex vivo constructs to study disease using the drugs designed and made by the group: the Trant Team is currently acquiring a state-of-the-art 3-D bioprinting suite. This is a leadership position within the group and the preferred candidate would either have held a leadership role during their PhD or have some postdoctoral experience.

Position 2: Analytical Chemistry. This position is open to individuals holding a PhD in analytical chemistry or synthetic organic or inorganic chemistry with analytical chemistry expertise. The position will revolve around designing new methodologies to analyze nutraceticals and nutraceutical formulations, with a special focus on cannabinoids initially. This will involve microformualtion as well as HPLC, GC, DLS, DSC, TGA and NMR analysis of materials. It can also involve develping non-chromatographic separation strategies for complex mixtures. There will also be the potential to work with chemical engineers, materials scientists, and toxicologists on translating technology and developing new methods. The candidates will also, depending on interest and focus, be able to work with other members of the Trant Team on our research projects in whisky and wine science, cancer and autoimmune disease treatment, and supramolecular chemistry as their interests lead them. The industrial partners we are working with on these projects are fast-growing science and research and development-focused companies that would likely be looking to bring the expertise in-house following the fellowship while maintaining links with the University.

Positions 3 and 4: These are expected to start April-June 2020. Position is open to individuals holding a PhD in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, or a related discipline. The successful candidate will have expertise in computational modelling of molecules. Preference for individuals with molecular modelling, molecular dynamics simulation experience in proteins and peptides. Ideally some experience with docking, QM/MM analysis using combinations of GROMACS, AMBER, Rosetta, Autodock Vina, the Schrodinger Suite, and Gaussian. Experience in bioinformatics is a large benefit but not necessary. The project will focus on an academic-research collaboration examining mechanism of action of small molecules with known and unknown protein targets. The candidates will also have the opportunity to work with structural biologists on crystallization, or with molecular biologists on protein expression and biophysics measurements. The candidates can also work in wet-lab synthetic chemistry or molecular biology associated with the project as they wish although this is not necessary.

These positions are open to both Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, or individuals who will qualify for a work permit as a postdoctoral fellow from outside of Canada. Salary is commensurate with standard Canadian postdoctoral rates. Windsor is a city of approximately 300,000 people in the warmest part of Canada and is comparably inexpensive compared to other Canadian cities. As the salary is the same as it would be in Toronto, this generally translates into a better quality of life. The Trant Team currently consists of 8 postdoctoral fellows, 8 graduate students and on average, 30 undergraduate researchers. We work closely with research-intensive labs both here at UWindsor and around Canada and internationally. This provides an academically stimulating environment. All PDFs in the group are encouraged to become involved in other projects within the team, and to propose and develop projects either alone, or even better with other team members, that show potential for high impact. I provide customized career mentoring and support for each member of the team and the first two PDFs to depart the lab have both left for tenure-track faculty positions.

The positions are open until filled. If you are interested, please email me (email under contact info), with a copy of your CV and a brief cover letter contextualizing your experience for the positions with the subject line containing either: Baculovirus PDF, Analytical PDF, or Computational PDF.

I am currently looking for undergraduate volunteers! Especially incoming first year students, but we have two positions for second year students.

If you are interested, please send an email to Dr. Trant and include your resumé/CV and a copy (a screenshot is fine, official is definitely not required) of your high school or university transcript along with a short self-introduction and the reason why you are interested!