University of Windsor Alumni Magazine

Spring 2018

Dear VIEWERI have now served 10 years as president and vice-chancellor of the University of Windsor. During this time, I have seen countless examples of achievement by students, faculty, and staff. I have met alumni, locally and afar, who have shared their stories of being at the

University of Windsor, and who are contributing to society in every way imaginable.
And I have seen the collective power of our donors and volunteers who contribute what

they can to making the University of Windsor better.
Our lives are made unique by the stories and life experiences we carry within our hearts,

and our lives come together on common ground through stories that move us. As I conclude my time here in June of this year, my nal message to all readers is a simple one: thank you for caring about the stories that make us all proud of this great university, and thank you to the writers, photographers, and sponsors who enable VIEW magazine to bring these stories to life.

We all know the history of the University of Windsor, beginning with its roots as Assumption College in 1857, through to becoming the University of Windsor by an Act of the provincial legislature passed in 1962, and now to today as an important community centred and internationally connected destination of teaching, research, and creative activity.

The future can never be known with certainty, but I see a path upon which perhaps all universities nd themselves. It is one where students remain at the centre of everything we do, but, increasingly, become partners in charting the education they want.

In a world where opportunities emerge and shift more readily, the ability to provide an education that encourages thinking outside of the box will require out-of-the-box thinking. And 21st-century students, who are more connected than ever before, will be a critical part of that thinking.

As well, there will be a greater opportunity to create learning opportunities for people of all ages—young to old—who want to acquire new knowledge and skills as they go through life. I see the University of Windsor at the forefront of shaping this future.

It has been my privilege and honour to be a part of the great story that is the University of Windsor, and its role in Windsor-Essex and the world. It is a story that has made me a better person.

Alan Wildeman signature

Alan Wildeman
President and Vice-Chancellor