DailyNews Issue for Monday, Jul 21st, 2014

Program bridges the way to university success

Holly FergusonNursing student Holly Ferguson says the BUILD program helped her to make a successful transition to university.

A UWindsor program created to ease the transition to university for students with learning disabilities also provides opportunities for creating a social network of friends, say some past participants.

The Bridge to University for Individuals with Learning Disabilities (BUILD program) introduced her to people who would be facing similar kinds of challenges, says nursing student Holly Ferguson. She has a learning disability she describes as similar to what a layperson might term dyslexia.

“It takes me longer to read and get through school work,” she says. “Through the BUILD program, I got to see what Disability Services could do for me, what types of academic accommodation are available.”

She lists individual and group skills sessions, tours of the library resources, instruction in assistive technology and meeting the support staff among the program benefits. Ferguson was also was able to move into her dorm room a week early, giving her a chance to familiarize herself with the campus before the start of classes.

“Having the chance to meet people was the biggest thing,” she recalls. “The program includes social activities and tours of the city. It’s like an extra frosh week.”

Paul Cowan, who graduated with a degree in political science in 2012 and will begin pursuit of an education degree this fall, says he built “some pretty cool friendships” by joining the BUILD program.

“It’s an opportunity to get out there, meet people and start forming bonds,” Cowan says.

He says workshops helped to better understand the nature of his learning disability.

“BUILD gave me tools to learn what I am up against,” he says. “It explains your rights and also reminds you that you are responsible for advocating for yourself.”

Richard Hayes, a disability advisor in the Student Success Centre, says this year’s program runs August 25 to 29, and includes free residence and meals, as well as opportunities for social and recreational activities.

“During their participation in the BUILD program, students are provided with vital information and support through orientation workshops, peer mentoring, academic skills training, and one-on-one advising,” he says. “I encourage all new students with learning disabilities to look into joining us.”

The deadline to apply is August 8. Find more information, including an online application, on the program website.

Campus Bookstore preparing for Wednesday opening

Mannequins wearing UWindsor-themed clothingFresh new displays of merchandise will greet customers in the Campus Bookstore, which will open Wednesday, July 23.

The Campus Bookstore’s move into its new location on the lower level of the CAW Student Centre is proceeding on schedule, says marketing coordinator Martin Deck.

“We will be ready as planned to open at 9 a.m. on July 23,” Deck says. “I hope our loyal clients will check out our beautiful new space.”

He hopes to draw visitors with a special opening day promotion—the first 50 to enter the store will each receive a free T-shirt.

In addition to textbooks, the store stocks school supplies, UWindsor giftware and gear, a full line of Lancer-themed clothing, and general-interest books.

“We think students, staff and faculty will love our new look,” says Deck. “We look forward to welcoming our clientele to our exciting new retail outlet right in the hub of the campus.”

Local summer fun subject of trivia quiz

quilted carry-all bag, acrylic tumbler, pen, key ringThis package of prizes donated by the alumni affairs office awaits the winner of today's trivia quiz.

Summer is half-gone, so if you want to take advantage of the many opportunities in Essex County to enjoy the season, it’s time to start scheduling.

DailyNews is pleased to offer readers a guide to some upcoming weekend activities in the form of a quiz with a prize package provided by the Office of Alumni Affairs. Up for grabs is a collection of UWindsor-themed items, including a double-wall acrylic tumbler with straw and stopper—perfect to rehydrate on a hot day; a ballpoint pen with metallic finish, comfort grip and gold-plated trim; a metal key ring and a quilted carry-all tote. Its laminated material is water-resistant, making it ideal for a picnic or a trip to the pool.

To enter, simply answer these questions about Essex County events. The winner will be selected at random from all correct responses received by noon Wednesday, July 23.

  1. Explore the Shore, July 26 and 27, will direct visitors through the hamlets, wineries, farms and orchards lining Lake Erie along which historic road?
    1. County Road 50
    2. Highway #2
    3. Sandwich Street
    4. Talbot Trail
  2. Military Heritage Days, August 2 and 3, will dust off the muskets and cannons for tactical demonstrations and unique children’s activities at which Amherstburg historic site?
    1. Fort Malden
    2. the Navy Yard
    3. North American Black Historical Museum
    4. Park House Museum
  3. On August 10, the John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area will offer demonstrations of 19th century craft during the Lost Arts Festival and social dedicated to which local fruit?
    1. apples
    2. blueberries
    3. peaches
    4. raspberries
  4. The Essex County Steam and Gas Engine Show, August 8 to 10 in McGregor, will feature a flea market, bake sale, craft show, threshing demonstrations and a parade of classic cars and vintage farm equipment. A traditional “pull” will feature what type of vehicles?
    1. balers
    2. cultivators
    3. plows
    4. tractors
  5. August 16 and 17, Windsor’s downtown will be taken over by giant inflatables during which festival of fun and food?
    1. Balloonapalooza
    2. Blimpfest
    3. Dirigible Days
    4. Whole Lotta Zeppelin
  6. What is the name of the mascot for the Tecumseh Corn Festival, promising hot buttered corn-on-the-cob, a pageant and midway carnival from August 21 to 24?
    1. Colonel Cobb
    2. Green Giant
    3. Nibby
    4. Tassel
  7. Running August 28 to 31 with a theme of “Generation to Generation,” this year the Harrow Fair will celebrate which anniversary of this long-running annual tradition?
    1. 50
    2. 100
    3. 150
    4. 160

Contest is open to all readers of the DailyNews. Send an e-mail with your responses to uofwnews@uwindsor.ca. One entry per contestant, please. Note: the decision of the judge in determining the most correct response is inviolable.

Sister city seeking hosts for Japanese students

Yuzuha Yakagi, Misaki Shimbo and Yume TaguchiJapanese visitors Yuzuha Yakagi, Misaki Shimbo and Yume Taguchi came to Windsor in 2012 as part of the Muskoka Language International Homestay cultural exchange program.

A program that brings students to Windsor from its twin city of Fujisawa, Japan, has issued an urgent plea for local families to host participants.

“Unfortunately, we have had a few families cancel due to last minute emergencies,” says coordinator Lauren McDonald. “We are hopeful to find five more great families who may be interested in hosting a student for two weeks.”

The students will be in Windsor from July 27 to August 9, attending a weekday program at Walkerville Collegiate Institute. Host families receive orientation and an honorarium, as well as the chance to learn about Japanese culture and create new friendships.

For more information, contact McDonald at LMcDonald@mliesl.com.

Campus to phase out web connectivity for computers operating on Windows XP

screen displaying Windows XP graphicsCampus computers using the Windsor XP operating system will lose internet access on August 31, IT Services has announced.

Campus computers using Windows XP will have access to the internet on an exceptions-only basis starting August 31, due to the fact that Microsoft discontinued support for the operating system, Information Technology Services has announced.

“Microsoft ended updates and support for the XP operating system in April, leaving it vulnerable to security risks and viruses, and we’ve been working with the campus technicians to develop a plan over the last few months,” says assistant director Steve Banyai. “If you use Internet Explorer 8 to surf the web you are further exposing your PC to additional threats. We have advised campus technicians to upgrade computers needing internet access to Windows 7 or 8.1.”

Some computers are unable to update to current versions of Windows because they interact with another machine like a microscope or camera. Often these computers do not surf the web and therefore will not go outside of the campus firewall. In these cases, intranet traffic on XP will be enabled but the ability to the surf the web requires an exception from IT Services.

Please contact the HelpDesk at 519-253-3000, ext. 4440 or helpdesk@uwindsor.ca for more information.