University of Windsor Alumni Magazine

Spring 2017

  • All-Around Amazing

    When Myla Picco was in Grade 5, she organized her first fundraiser.
  • One Alumna’s Unique Definition of Success

    For UWindsor alumna Andrea Landry MA ’13, the very act of attending a university presented an issue for her: how to reconcile earning her degree at a “colonial institution” while feeling she had let h
  • Getting Ahead by Going Back

    Applying for medical school can be an intimidating, rigorous process. One aspect that some applicants dread most is the face-to-face interview.
  • Research Showing Cancer Patients Pain and Anxiety Led to Local Change

    Women shouldn’t put on a brave face while enduring a painful and traumatizing medical procedure.
  • Spring 2017

    The University of Windsor is committed to student success. And that is something that certainly resonates in the spring edition of VIEW.